The 10 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Created

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Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive dresses ever created? Over the past few decades the fashion world has produced amazing pieces by haute couture designers, along with some of the most exquisite garments ever made. Some dresses have made history and have remained as iconic pieces that others aspire to (and women dreamed of being wrapped in).


Of course when we think about fashion, we know that top designers’ brands are quite expensive, while casual wear tends to be more accessible. Despite what many think, the fashion world isn’t for women only. Men actually are a big market for fashion, and even haute couture. Check out our list on the 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World to find out just how much the world’s finest hand-made, hand-tailored and exclusive suits can cost.

When it comes to women, brands and labels increase each year. Yet, there are some special pieces that have come to reach amazing prices. Some of the most expensive dresses ever created can cost millions of dollars. How is it possible? Some of these dresses were worn by celebrities, and have become symbols of elegance and femininity. Other dresses, hand-crafted, have been painstakingly decorated and adorned with precious stones such as diamonds or even golden coins.

Check out our countdown on the ten most expensive dresses ever created and find out what some people were willing to pay for these pieces of clothing! How much would you pay for a dress?

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