Top 10 Worst Marketing Campaigns Ever Produced

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Wondering which are the worst marketing campaigns ever produced? It has come to be evident that a marketing campaign can pretty much determine a product’s future. Ever since the Mad Men of Fifth Avenue started producing advertisements and campaigns for different brands, this industry has grown immensely. And of course, along with the growth of this industry, costs have also risen, making this business one of the best paid around. But although some large advisement companies can charge quite incredible fees, they sure have produced some of the most amazing campaigns around and are well worth the money.


On the other hand, small businesses lack access to good marketing advisors, and tend to develop rather lousy campaigns. Yet, over the past years, some major brands have also produced incredibly awful commercials and marketing campaigns, taking “badvertising” to a whole new level. Indeed, everyone can make mistakes, but some should definitely be avoided. In the business world, entrepreneurs should be careful about certain slip-ups, which can really jeopardize their business. If you are curious about some of the worst mistakes for entrepreneurs to make, check our list on The 10 Worst Mistakes an Entrepreneur Can Make and find out how to keep your business safe!

In the advertising world, some unimaginable flaws have been seen over the past decades. In some cases, small brands have had bad campaigns and made lots of marketing mistakes. Yet over the past years some pretty amazing badvertising has been seen in large companies as well, with strong brand recognition and good images. Let’s take a look now at some of the worst marketing campaigns ever produced.

No. 10 McDonald’s

The McDonalds campaign for their double cheeseburger was pretty weird. In fact, it showed they didn’t actually understand urban slang at all. The ad said “Double Cheeseburger? I’d hit it.” Naturally, a company encouraging their customers to have sex with their sandwiches might need to rethink their marketing direction.

It does actually get even worse from here, as we continue to count down the worst marketing campaigns ever produced.

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