Silver Spoon: The 6 Richest Families in the World

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Have you ever been curious about who the richest families in the world are (and perhaps a little envious you weren’t born into them)? Some people can work hard and cultivate a fortune with their lifetime of effort. Some others can win the jackpot, or launch a start-up business which completely hits the spot. But there are also some others who were simply born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

This is the case of those personalities who carry quite some reputation, and just by hearing their names, everyone knows who that person might be. These are frequently members of wealthy families, which have had money for decades, even centuries. Rich families leave to each succeeding generation a pretty large sum, and some family members go on to increase those

Nevertheless, some rich personalities aren’t members of wealthy families. Some of the 10 Self-Made Billionaires Who Came From Nothing reveal that in some cases it isn’t necessary to be born within a rich family as to amass a fortune. There are some billionaires who were once dirt poor, and managed to climb up to the top of the peak with their fortunes.

This time, we’ve gathered some information regarding those family names which immediately ring a bell when heard. These are richest families in the world. Some are royalty; others are traditional bankers, and others, just families which have done good business for a long time.

Take a look at our list featuring the richest families in the world, and find out which are the wealthiest and luckiest heirs in the world!

No. 6 David Thomson and family – $20.3 billion

This family has been in the media information business for quite some time, and owns 55% of the media information company Thomson Reuters. Moreover, they have a private holding company called Woodbridge, which is controlled by David Thomson and his brother Peter Thomson. David Thomson is the active chair of all of these firms, and coordinates as well the Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada.

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