The 10 Cities with the Worst Drivers in the World

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Curious about some of the cities with the worst drivers in the world? We have all been stuck in traffic jams, and we usually complain about traffic in our cities, and the lousiness of our fellow drivers on the roads. Whether it’s irresponsible drivers, crazy pedestrians, or driving rules and regulations that aren’t strict enough, most drivers the world over would probably classify the drivers and driving conditions in their city as poor.


Yet, despite how much we hate the traffic in our city, there are some places where driving is actually a major or even national problem. Some countries are known for their traffic congestion and crowded streets. The 6 Countries with the Worst Drivers in the World show some places where the roads seem to be randomly organized, and drivers simply don’t follow the traffic laws. Countries like Iran, Thailand, and Venezuela have some of the worst drivers in the world, and have more car crash fatalities than any other place.

But which are the cities with the worst drivers in the world? We’ve compiled a list featuring the ten cities with the worst drivers in the world to answer that very question. So if you were planning on making a visit to some of these amazing cities, be sure not to rent a car, or if you do, prepare yourself to be caught in driving mayhem.

No. 10 Seoul, South Korea

The city of Seoul is known for having drivers-in-a-hurry. Motorcyclists usually drive on the sidewalks, and cars excessively speed and perform strange turns while making their way through the streets. Drivers don’t respect most of the road laws, making their own law on the road.

That sounds pretty chaotic and frightening, but there are nine more cities with the worst drivers in the world, which are even worse. Zoom on over to the next page to find out which cities house those harrowing streets.

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