Breath of Fresh Air: The 25 Countries with the Best Air Quality on the Planet

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Are you curious which are the countries with the best air quality? Over the past decades, environmental issues have gained visibility and relevance. Not only because of the tremendous natural catastrophes which have taken place over that time-span, attributable at least in part to global climate change, but also because of the noxious effects for human health such contamination has.

Air quality is one of the main elements taken into account by those organizations in charge of measuring the impact that increased global pollution has on health. Air pollution is related to the expansion of chemicals, biological materials and diverse particulates in air masses, which can be harmful and jeopardize people’s wellness. The main particle found in polluted air is smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, and is known as PM2.5. This particle can lodge in human lungs and blood tissue, and a sustained exposure can imperil various organs, putting them at risk of developing lung cancer. PM2.5 is generally the product of combustion of organic refuse, known as biomass, and can be found in both industrialized and urbanized countries, as well as in many developing countries. In some places, governments have started controlling the burning of biomass, as well as putting strong restrictions on industrial and agricultural polluting activities.

But although there are some rather smoggy cities and countries, other places have managed to keep their air and environment greener. The 10 Greenest Countries in the World reveal that not all of the world has become polluted, and its air unbreathable. Some countries such as Australia, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Singapore have much greener environments, and this is an important measure, as it has been proven to be a key factor regarding quality of life.

So, if you were planning your vacations on the countryside, you should take into account how green the country is, and of course, how unpolluted its air is. Now to evaluate the best air quality, we’ve taken into account the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), constructed through the calculation and aggregation of 20 indicators reflecting national-level environmental data, which contains the variable of Air Quality. The Air Quality index measures three indicators: Air Pollution Average Exposure to PM2.5 (fine particulate matter); PM2.5 Exceedance; and Household Air Quality– Indoor Solid Fuel Usage.

This report was constructed taking into account the World Health Organization’s (WHO) air quality guidelines. With this information we’ve compiled a list featuring the countries with the best air quality. Check it out!



Air Quality Score: 98.13

Air pollution – pm2.5 exceedance score: 96.4


Ecuador hits us with our first blast of fresh air on the countdown of the countries with the best air quality. You may be surprised where we head next, on the following page.

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