The 10 Best Wall Street Movies

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Wondering which are the best Wall Street movies ever to hit the screen? The movie industry is undoubtedly one of the largest in the world, and over the past few decades, movies related to Wall Street and high finance have become ever more popular. This is especially true since the 1980’s trader boom and the subsequent crisis, as well as the various scandals regarding frauds, scams and bankruptcies of famous executives and firms recently.

U.S. Financial Hub: Wall Street

There is no doubt films not only tell fantastic stories and entertain us, but some of them also recount and even influence history. Our list on The 10 Best Business Movies of the Past 100 Years include films like Citizen Kane, It’s a Wonderful Life, Modern Times and The Godfather. Business and finance movies can focus on the amazing potential of Wall Street, and its benefits, or on its corruption, scams and frauds, which gives such movies a wide base of moral dilemmas and scenarios to work with, making them extremely riveting.

Today we’ve gathered some of the best Wall Street movies of all-time. From documentaries to romantic comedies, the Wall Street world has a lot to offer when it comes to inspiring creative plots. Check out our list to see what these films were capable of.

No. 10 Wall Street (1987)

This is probably the top classic Wall Street film. It features Michael Douglas as the ruthless Gordan Gekko, a Wall Street trader. Oliver Stone indeed created one of the most popular examples of financial cinema.

The legendary Wall Street only comes in at number ten, so you know the rest of the list is going to be filled with outstanding finance films. Keep reading our list of the best Wall Street movies to find out which films they are.

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