The 10 Best High Schools in New York

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If you live in or are considering moving to New York, you’ll probably want to know which are the best high schools in New York. Choosing a school for our children is never an easy task. Schools provide education and also offer diverse activities and programs, all of which aim to stimulate their students, promote independence and prepare them for further education or the job world.


The United States has lots of great schools, offering different types of education. Some people prefer public schools, while others choose private schools or even boarding schools. This type of education focuses on bringing together students from all over the world, providing a cosmopolitan education. The Choate Rosemary Hall, located in Wallingford, Connecticut, is considered one of The 6 Best Boarding Schools in the World.

Yet, when it comes to high schools, getting a great education isn’t necessarily related to paying a fortune. Some states have very good public high schools, and also rather affordable private schools. The state of New York has the largest population of public school students in the U.S, and New York City’s high schools serve a total of more than 311,000 students, according to the NYC Department of Education. This state has some of the best schools in the U.S, with the widest range of cultural, economic and social diversity. Some of the best high schools in New York provide outstanding education, and almost all of them have a high average SAT score.

We’ve compiled a list with the ten best high schools in New York, ranked according to their college readiness index. Take a look at our list and find out which are the best high schools to send your kids to in the state of New York.

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