The 9 Most Dangerous Countries for Tourists to Visit

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Wondering which the are most dangerous countries for tourists? Despite the natural beauty and cultural significance of some places, certain countries are not suitable for everyone to visit. When planning a vacation, some of the things we take into account are the attractions a site has to offer, its tourist venues and amenities, and its natural or cultural charm.

Yet, some vacation spots are not precisely recommended for tourists. Over the past decades some countries have experienced important economic and political crises, rendering those places unsuitable for occasional travelers. Furthermore, an increase in violence and disorder has been seen across the world, leaving some all-time classic tourist spots with a decrease in their numbers of inbound tourists. Places like Brazil appear to have scared away some tourists over the past years, seemingly no longer as desirable as it once was.

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While some places are not precisely suitable for tourists because of the perils they pose to visitors, other places are just as dangerous for their own residents. Taking a look at The 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World, it is clear that some cities have gained quite a bad reputation regarding their level of violence. Places like Tegucigalpa, Caracas in Venezuela, and Belém in Brazil are among the most dangerous cities in the world. A recommendation for anyone would be to avoid these spots, despite their natural beauty and heritage.

In some cases, countries aren’t precisely the most dangerous in the world, but are indeed quite unsuitable for tourists. Usually, statistics for attacks on tourists aren’t easy to find. Yet agencies inform about the risks of certain traveling destinations. So, do you want to know which are the most dangerous countries for tourists? Take a look at the list we’ve compiled and find out!

No. 9 India

Despite its cultural and historical attraction, India is among the most dangerous countries for tourists to visit. Moreover, the society is strongly racist and misogynist. Over the past years, an increase in gender violence has been registered, and rape cases have been reported among female tourists. This of course makes the country especially unsafe for women traveling alone.

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