The 10 Best Ways to Fall Asleep

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If you are tired of lingering for hours in bed until you fall asleep, here are the ten best ways to fall asleep. There is probably nothing more disturbing than insomnia. Yet although we might not have insomnia that often, even one night of tossing and turning is too much given our growing understanding of the importance that adequate sleep has on maintaining our health.


The good news is that poor sleep isn’t hard to revert. Some good habits can really help you relax before going to bed, such as a glass of a hot drink or a warm bath. Nevertheless, some habits should definitely be avoided, such as having too many caffeinated drinks, or being overly stressed. Some bad habits can even compromise our health and limit our lifespans. Taking a look at 7 Bad Habits that Age You Beyond Your Years, not only is inadequate sleep on the listit is clear that the other listed items often don’t help with sleeping either.

According to National Health Organizations’ surveys, sleep disturbances are getting to be very frequent worldwide. And consequently, the consumption of sleeping pills has increased as well over the past decade. Nevertheless, there are some natural solutions to this problem that will help you avoid the use of pills and drugs. There are several ways to trick yourself into sleep and fight off your insomnia. Here are the ten best ways to fall asleep; check it out and start relaxing!

No. 10 Make Your Room Cozy

The first thing to do when trying to fall asleep is to make your sleeping place comfortable, dark, and pleasant. The temperature should be between 16º and 20º C. Adjust the lightning so as to make it perfect for you, but be sure to turn away from any direct light sources. And of course, nix annoying noises and adjust any sound to suit your needs: while some people prefer to sleep in total silence, others need some ambient noise to fall asleep.

The nine best ways to fall asleep are coming up. Don’t spend another night without them.

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