The 15 Most Famous Carl Icahn Quotes

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Wondering what some of the most famous Carl Icahn quotes are? These days, it is very easy to come across some great quotes from great people over the internet. Sometimes it can certainly be very inspiring to read grandiose quotes from people who changed the world, or did some amazing things with their lives. Yet, when it comes to the business world, it is interesting to check out some of the most successful investors’ sayings and advice for even more personal reasons, as they can often give us insight into making and money.


Warren Buffet is one such man, one of the most successful businessmen in America, who has had an extraordinary career. Ever since he started doing business, he has been gathering followers and investors in his wake, which learn from his inspirational and knowledgeable quotes. We’ve compiled a list featuring The 20 Most Inspirational Warren Buffett Quotes on Business, Investing and Life where you can check out some of the most relevant quotes from one of Americas’ greatest investors.

Another American business star is Carl Icahn. Icahn first started working as an entry-level stockbroker at Dreyfus & Company in New York, and since then has managed to build up one of the largest fortunes in America. Icahn has a value-investing strategy, which he himself defines as “buying something when no one wants it”. This means targeting a company that is trading below its current value, with stock prices that reflect poor price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios or book values that exceed market valuation.

Currently Icahn holds a hedge fund Icahn Capital Management, and has an estimated net worth of $25.9 Billion. Across his career he has inspired several investors with his words and ways. Let’s take a look now at some of those words, the 15 most famous Carl Icahn quotes and find out what his secret is.

No. 15

“If we’re going to make the company successful, you are going to have to look reality in the eye, and the reality is lower wages.”

As you can see, we’re off to quite a start on our countdown of the most famous Carl Icahn quotes. 14 more are still to come, check them out.

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