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Author Archive - Nikola Potrebić

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20 Richest Cities in the World by 2016 GDP Per Capita

There aren’t that many surprises on 20 richest cities in the world by 2016 GDP per capita list. Most of these are long developed US cities, but......(read more)
15 Most Racist States in America Ranked By Hate Crimes in 2017

11 Countries that Will Kill You for Being Gay

No matter what level of development we reach as a society, it seems that homosexuality will remain a taboo for unforeseeable future as evident by these......(read more)
Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, Paris

10 Busiest Airports in the World by Aircraft Movement

If you ever wondered which are the 10 busiest airports in the world by aircraft movement, look no further. We have pulled the latest available data straight......(read more)

10 Best States to Retire in America

Retirement plans can be rather complex and our list of the 10 best states to retire in America might come in handy with this highly personal decision......(read more)
best places to visit in USA in September

10 Best Places to Retire in Wyoming

Be sure to check this list of 10 best places to retire in Wyoming if Cowboy State (or Equality State if you will) is among your top choices. Why would......(read more)
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11 Best Places to Retire in Wisconsin

If you’re planning on spending your retirement days in the Midwest and Great Lakes region, this list of 11 best places to retire in Wisconsin ......(read more)

8 Countries that Produce the Most Hydroelectric Power in the World

When one thinks electricity, one usually thinks about electricity produced in one of world’s dams and these 8 countries that produce the most......(read more)
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7 Countries that Produce the Most Juice in the World

If you can’t imagine the life without refreshing soft drinks, this list of 7 countries that produce the most juice in the world might be of some......(read more)
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Grain in the World

If you’re wondering which countries feed the most people, take a look at this list of 8 countries that produce the most grain in the world. Although......(read more)
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Iron in the World

The following list of countries represents the countries that produce the most iron in the world. Of course, it’s iron ore we’re talking about......(read more)

8 Countries that Produce the Most Leather in the World

If you’re interested in getting to know the 8 countries that produce the most leather in the world, look no further. This list should take care......(read more)
Easiest and Fastest Immigration Countries in the World

10 Best Places to Retire in Ireland

If you’re looking at retirement possibilities in the Emerald Isle, this list of 10 best places to retire in Ireland could come in handy. Republic......(read more)
11 Countries with the Worst Justice System in the World

Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Law

This time, we have to abandon our top 7 Ivy League pattern and instead bring you the list of the top 5 Ivy League colleges for law. It’s not our......(read more)
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Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Engineering

Ivy League colleges are the epitome of academic excellence and social elitism, and here we’re writing about top 7 Ivy League colleges for engineering......(read more)
most expensive countries to spend a month in Europe

8 Worst Corporate Scandals in Europe

These worst corporate scandals in Europe are just the tip of the iceberg as business scandals have been shaking the old world since early days. In fact......(read more)
old, group, friends, leisure, fun, years, european, happiness, embracing, walking, 60-65, people, caucasian, elderly, women, togetherness, holidays, lifestyle, beach,

11 Best Places to Retire in Canada

If you’re thinking about spending the most rewarding part of your life in the Great White North, this 11 best places to retire in Canada list......(read more)
25 Most Profitable Small Businesses to Start in 2017

11 Most Popular Gym Franchises in America

Today we’re giving you a list of 11 most popular gym franchises in America. Modern media hold somewhat of a monopoly on the perspective of the way......(read more)

11 Biggest Olympic Scandals of All Time

Olympic Games have been the center point of various controversies, scandals, and even tragedies since their re-establishment in the late 19th century,......(read more)
Worst States for Doctors to Practice Medicine

6 Easiest Towns to Commute to NYC

Living in New York City costs a small fortune, and this is why we’ve prepared this list of 6 easiest towns to commute to NYC. Between rent, bills......(read more)
13 Jobs that Have Weekends Off for College Students

7 Easiest CSU’s to Get Into

California is a state riddled with prestigious academic institutions, and we’ll present you the list of 7 easiest CSU’s to get into. Needless......(read more)
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16 Poorest Small Cities in America: 2015 List

Smaller US cities might not often be perceived as the backbone of the American economy, and following 16 poorest small cities in America certainly aren......(read more)
homeless, homelessness, america, photography, destitute, despair, americans, usa, park, north, bench, problems, male, disenfranchised, social, people, poor, united,

16 Poorest Metropolitan Cities in America: 2015 List

While the American economy is making steady progress, it’s still too slow for these 16 poorest metropolitan cities in America – according......(read more)

14 Biggest NFL Scandals of All Time

With Super Bowl 50 just around the corner, now would be the perfect time to reflect on 14 biggest NFL scandals of all time. Super Bowl’s gold......(read more)
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8 Easiest Developed Countries to Immigrate to

With all the current turmoil in the world, it is no wonder people seek easiest developed countries to immigrate to. The good news is that mostly because......(read more)
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10 Cities with The Highest Out Migration in America

Detroit’s example might be the most obvious, but Motor City is just one of cities with the highest out migration in America. While most cities......(read more)
Least Racist States in the USA in 2018

10 Cities With The Highest Net Migration in America

Ever wondered about cities with the highest net migration in America? Just lay back and relax – we have compiled the list for you. With ever increasing......(read more)
15 Biggest US Government Cover Ups of All Time

10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in the Bay Area

Entire Bay Area is becoming an economic powerhouse within the United States, and as you’re about to see from this list of 10 most expensive cities......(read more)
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12 US Cities Doing The Best Economically Right Now

With recession far behind in the rearview mirror, the American economy is now in its full swing again, and we bring you a list of 12 US cities doing the......(read more)

10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Arizona

With United States of America being vast and colorful as they are, it’s only natural that different parts of the country exhibit different prices......(read more)
Easiest Liberal Arts Colleges to Get Into

11 Easiest Big Colleges to Get Into

The best chance for a successful career comes from getting respected institution’s diploma, and we’ll try to deliver a list of easiest big......(read more)
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18 Most Famous Atheists in the World

We might live in a modern world, but religion is still pulling plenty of strings out there, and most famous atheists in the world show us that things......(read more)
Easiest Liberal Arts Colleges to Get Into

11 Countries with Free College For International Students

If you’re planning to become an expat student, this list of countries with the free college for international students should pique your interest......(read more)
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Top 20 Engineering Schools in America in 2015

Top 20 engineering schools in America in 2015 is a list which shouldn’t surprise anyone – if we’re talking college education like here......(read more)
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13 Celebrities Scammed by Madoff

Investing money in a “sure thing” is often an opportunity hard to pass as you can see in our list of 13 celebrities scammed by Madoff. As......(read more)
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6 Easiest Countries to Draw

Looking at that world map and examining one of 200 and spare countries – one must wonder which of these are easiest countries to draw. We are......(read more)
12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in February

11 Most Expensive Cities to Visit in South America in 2015

If you’re planning a trip to South America soon, you’d be advised to take a closer look at our list of 11 most expensive cities to visit in......(read more)
tv show, sharacters, funny, sitcoms,

11 Highest Rated TV Shows of All Time

Let me start by saying that bringing you a list of 11 highest rated TV shows of all time was a devil’s work. Sure it’s easy naming one&#......(read more)
college students, helmets, tallahassee, fsu, cheering, football game, football players, field, football field, noles, head coach, defense, fans, people, doak campbell stadium,

11 Highest-paid College Football Coaches

With 2015 NCAA Division I football season coming to a climax, one must wonder who are the highest-paid college football coaches? We all know that NFL......(read more)
flags, union,

11 Most Expensive Countries in Europe

Europe is divided between 50 countries both rich and poor, and we’ll bring you the list of 11 most expensive countries in Europe. Even within the......(read more)
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10 Most Dishonest Professions in America

The land of the free and the home of the brave is based on reputable heroic vocations like firefighters, and top-class doctors and nurses, but what about......(read more)
African Countries with the Largest White Population in 2018

11 Most Expensive Countries in Africa

What are the 11 most expensive countries in Africa? Africa is the continent with the most low-income countries and one wouldn’t expect to find too......(read more)
15 Least Suicidal Countries in the World

11 Most Expensive Countries in Asia

We have long-since brought you the list of most expensive countries in the world and it’s time to start dissecting this “third rock from the......(read more)
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9 Most Expensive Chopard Watches

Since it’s one of still privately-held companies, you can be certain that Chopard always offers the utmost precision of their craft and we’......(read more)
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10 Easiest Dermatology Residencies to Get Into

It’s not easy to determine 10 easiest dermatology residencies to get into, but we’ll give it a try. In fact, we’ll do much more than......(read more)

10 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags

A handbag is a must-have accessory for every modern woman and the 10 most expensive Louis Vuitton handbags always attract attention – even though......(read more)
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7 Cars With Most American Made Parts

As years go by, there are less and less domestic cars across the globe and we’ll bring you the list of 7 cars with most American made parts. In......(read more)
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11 Most Expensive Rolex Watches In the World

There are only a few people around the globe still unfamiliar with the name Rolex, and we’ll bring you the list of the 11 most expensive Rolex......(read more)
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10 Most Competitive Residency Programs in US

Applying for residency and awaiting matching results is probably the most stressful part of medical student’s life up to date, and we’ll probably......(read more)
15 Cheapest Countries to Study Medicine in English

10 Least Competitive Medical Specialties in America

Future medical residents and specialists surely must wonder which are the most and least competitive medical specialties in America – more so because......(read more)
Home expenses or investing concept., home, loan, wealth, financing, buy, save, business, income, property, estate, possession, household, retirement, real, ownership, moneybox, invest, house, costs

11 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Home in the US

Whether a young couple, lone wanderer, or family finally able to afford their dream house, all must wonder which are the 11 most expensive cities to......(read more)