11 Highest-paid College Football Coaches

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With 2015 NCAA Division I football season coming to a climax, one must wonder who are the highest-paid college football coaches? We all know that NFL teams have the largest budgets of all American collective sports teams, and players there usually earn much more than their coaches. The situation is quite different in college football where coaches are the ones earning more. In fact, we all know that NCAA football players don’t earn a squat apart from their stipends and up to $5,000 of allowance per month as of 2015. Before 2015, however, even this allowance was non-existent.


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With this in mind, it’s clear that college football coaches have every reason to sing out loud being the most important parts of their respective programs. Speaking of singing, take a look at our list of 13 highest paid singers in the world in 2015. However, not all is rosy for the NCAA football coaches as they often find themselves under considerable pressure. The pressure is usually proportionate with their respective salaries – the bigger the salary, the larger the pressure. In fact, nine head coaches have already been fired this season, while some have left of their own volition.

Our data is gathered from USA Today and Newsday. It’s always better to have at least couple of sources in order to confirm their respective precision, even though college football coach’s salaries are usually transparent. The thing is, however, private and public schools are exempt from mandatory salary data release by the state law. Data on these schools has been gathered from older reports and isn’t 100 percent accurate, or at least not up to date.

We have decided to include all available payments into consideration. Apart from the base school salary, some coaches have received other sources of income. But let us clarify, first. School salary includes all guaranteed payments including the sponsorship and all kinds of appearance payments. It also includes payments based on attendance, ticket sales, and even money earned from signing and other one-time bonuses that are earned in current contract year. Other payments include all athletically related earnings that a coach has reported and earned outside of his respective contract. Maximum available bonuses also speak in favor of respective schools expenditures, but can’t yet be taken into account since the season isn’t finished yet. Last year’s total bonuses paid also wouldn’t give us a precise picture. After all, different contract years can’t be compared. While bonuses and other incentives can’t really be taken into consideration here, we’ll be certain to mention them regardless – just to give you the bigger picture. Without further ado, here’s our list of 11 highest-paid college football coaches.

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