7 Cars With Most American Made Parts

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As years go by, there are less and less domestic cars across the globe and we’ll bring you the list of 7 cars with most American made parts. In order for a car to be domestic-made, it has to be both produced in one of the country’s facilities and it has to be made 100 percent out of domestic parts. Wrong! You’ll be hard-pressed to find such a car these days. Ever since the first foreign cars have been produced in the US, a concept of 100 percent American-made car had been losing in favor of more affordable cars whose parts are assembled in two or more countries. This is why in 1994, the Congress was forced to pass the American Automobile Labeling Act which defines the term American-made car. Such a car has mandatory 75% of its parts made in US or Canada, or it isn’t considered American-made at all. This act sometimes creates paradoxes as we get 70% American-made cars assembled in Mexico, which, unlike Canada isn’t considered a domestic market. On the other hand, most of the German manufacturers have long since built their American assembly lines, but their American-made parts percentage usually doesn’t go over the 20% mark. Still, this is the best way to determine if certain car deserves “made in USA” label, for now.

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The reason for assembling a car made out of overseas-made parts is its final price tag. One doesn’t have to think too much in order to figure out that workforce in Mexico, for instance, costs much less than in any US state. With the state of the art facilities, modern equipment, and professional guidance, Mexican workers are no less capable of producing most of future car’s vital parts. Whether they only produce parts or apply the finishing touches, money savings are considerable. This is the way car makers use in order to stay competitive across the global markets. If you aren’t looking for an affordable family car, however, take a look at our list of 11 most expensive cars to insure.

So, why are we talking about 7 cars with most American made parts, apart from 7 being a lucky number? Precisely because there are actually only seven cars assembled in America which meet the requirements put in place by the aforementioned act. Future of domestically made cars seems bleak to say the least since this is the first time that there are less than 10 cars which meet the criteria. 2015 obviously hasn’t been favorable towards domestically made cars and who knows what the future is about to bring. But, how to arrange the list? We have used the index of US assembly-plant workers supported by the model which cars have provided. In other words, the more models produced in one of the American plants, the more workers are employed in the process. Oh, and by the way, you can find everything you need to know about the AALA and cars assembled on American soil here. You’ll notice that Dodge Grand Caravan meets most of the requirements, but is being assembled in Canada. Cadillac CTS Coupe also meets the 75% margin, but it is soon to be discontinued as a result of Caddy’s new nomenclature strategy. This is why we have disqualified them from the list.

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