9 Most Expensive Chopard Watches

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Since it’s one of still privately-held companies, you can be certain that Chopard always offers the utmost precision of their craft and we’ll give you a list of 9 most expensive Chopard watches. Swiss company deals in both affordable and exclusive luxury and their price tags span from within reason to exorbitant. Aside from their regular lineup that includes jewelry, accessories, and watches, they have been known to produce some extravagant oddballs like $1.1 million Super Ice Cube Watch, and especially the 201-carat Chopard. Latter of the two costs no less than $25 million and is actually the most expensive watch ever made. If that’s too rich for your blood, try giving Rolex a shot by looking at our list of 11 most expensive Rolex watches in the world. You might find them rather expensive still, but at least, you can supply yourself and the rest of your family with Rolexes for the rest of your life with the money Chopard’s masterpiece requires.

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As mentioned above, Chopard is still in private possession, but not within the Chopard family, however. It was sold to the Scheufele’s back in 1963 – 103 years after its establishment. With current owners being both watchmakers and jewelers, it’s easy to figure out how Chopard has managed to reach its current exclusive status. They are producing timepieces of the utmost quality, made out of top-class materials and powered by the famous L.U.C movement. All in all, they are making genuine Swiss watches intended for people with deeper pockets.

While there are some unique Chopard watches that warrant exorbitant price tags as seen above – we’ll only consider current models. Some of them can easily be bought for less than $10,000, but our list of 9 most expensive Chopard watches will feature at least ten times larger price tags. We won’t make a difference between collections, materials and timepiece’s genders, and will list all currently available models, sorted exclusively by their respective stickers. Forgive us if we fail to list a few of 2015 year limited edition models. Swiss watchmakers are like the Swiss bankers – full of secrets. Some time has to pass in order for prices of these new high-end luxury models to be revealed to us.

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