8 Easiest Developed Countries to Immigrate to

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With all the current turmoil in the world, it is no wonder people seek easiest developed countries to immigrate to. The good news is that mostly because of the need for additional labor – wealthy countries are constantly looking for quality global workforce. Of course, every country has its own conservatives, but they are usually a minority in free democratic societies. Needless to say, most developed countries are highly democratic and offer freedom of speech, together with other personal freedoms. Take a look at this list of 10 easiest countries to immigrate to in general, and you’ll see that most of them are highly developed.

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Immigration is definitely a buzzword like very few others are. Browsing through world’s news, you probably won’t fail to notice at least one immigration-related topic on a daily basis. Migrations have been man’s defensive mechanism since the dawn of time. If our ancestors weren’t as versatile as they were, and if they have failed to adapt to ever-changing conditions on the planet – you probably wouldn’t be reading this article right now. To be fair – I probably wouldn’t have written it as well. Without searching for greener pastures and regions with more game, our ancestors wouldn’t have survived. All these ancient movements were nothing else than migrations of the time. Modern-day migrations are somewhat different, but basics have remained more or less the same. Man is generally happy to remain in one place and wouldn’t have wanted to leave his house, town or country if there wasn’t a genuine need for that. While modern movements don’t necessarily have to be driven by the instinct for survival, some of them certainly are. Others are motivated by job opportunities, curiosity, affinity to different culture, higher quality or even dignity of life, education; you name it. What’s common for all these reasons is that decision for moving away doesn’t come easy. Furthermore, all world’s immigrants have their work cut out for them as no country in the world is just going to open their doors for them without asking questions. Some places are easy, while others are almost impossible to immigrate to.

In order to compile this list, we have consulted HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey for 2015. It combines the results gathered from almost 22,000 expats and is divided into three main categories: economics, experience and family, with every single one of them being pretty much self-explanatory. All three are further divided into 3 subcategories with every one of them having additional 3 subcategories of its own. Economics are divided into personal finance, local economics and careers, experience is watered down into subcategories like lifestyle, people and setting up, while family category can be looked upon through relationship, education and childcare, and raising children subcategories. Of course, This will only bring you so far. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey is a great tool to compare your own country with another based on personal experience of people with different profiles. It can even help you choose the country to which you’d like to emigrate base on your own criteria, but it can’t really help you get there – can it? This largely depends on respective country’s immigration policy, and while country on HSBC’s list might be perfect for you in ways of living conditions – you might not be able to move there for number of reasons. Maybe you don’t possess the required level of education, proper papers, or you simply come from a nation which is on respective country’s black list. This is why we had to consult additional sources (respective countries immigration office web pages) in order to determine which of these countries belongs to the list of 8 easiest developed countries to immigrate to. Results can’t be globally adjusted, however. Reasons for that are simple. For instance, EU countries are way easier to immigrate to if you already possess another EU country’s passport. We’ll strive to highlight the main prerequisites so that you don’t get the wrong impression, though. Note also that emigrating doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be given country’s citizenship. Best you can hope for is permanent residency or work permit. After defined period of time, however, most countries in the world offer the opportunity to finally apply for their citizenship.

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