11 Easiest Big Colleges to Get Into

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The best chance for a successful career comes from getting respected institution’s diploma, and we’ll try to deliver a list of easiest big colleges to get into. Of course, everyone can figure out that Ivy League colleges offer the best chance for that, but they are also quite expensive and hard to get into. Some would go as far as to say that Ivy League colleges are basically closed to common students and reserved for the elite. This has raised some controversies in the past, and it still does. But that’s not our topic here. Our topic will be to determine the criteria for what big colleges (besides Ivy League ones) are, and which of these are easiest to gain access to. When we say big, we don’t mean the size, or the number of enrolled students, for that matter. We are instead talking about respective college’s reputation.

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Gaining admission to a reputable institution is not an easy feat, and major colleges usually exhibit rather low acceptance rates. For instance, all Ivy League colleges except University of Pennsylvania and Cornell feature acceptance rates lower than 10%. Former of the two has an acceptance rate barely higher than that, while Cornell has a rate of 14.2% which can be checked out here, on U.S. News & World Report’s list of top 100 – lowest acceptance rates. So, how do we rate these colleges?

We’ll have to establish relevant criteria in hope that they’ll be able to give us the best possible answer to the main question – which are 11 easiest big colleges to get into. For that, we’ll have to put the emphasis on college reputation. Of course, we’ll have to pay attention to respective college’s acceptance rate and required scores as well, but that category will be secondary. Even though most of the colleges that are considered reputable have very low admission rates, we have had to draw the line somewhere, and that line will be just behind 150th college on Forbes America’s Top Colleges list.

As far as the acceptance rates go, however, the national average is 55% that can easily be checked out here, together with all other requirements including the ACT, SAT and GPA scores for most colleges across the country. Any number too far below that line, and college is becoming extremely hard to get into because most of the students’ applications are being rejected. But why is that happening? It’s because of scores requirements, naturally. Institutions with the highest reputation get their pick of candidates, and they use it to the full extent. Only those with high ACT and SAT scores and high GPA will get in. Those that fail to meet these strict requirements have to try their luck somewhere else. Needless to say, we’ll also take these scores into consideration.

Considering all of the aforementioned, our methodology is as follows – we’ll rate the colleges in four categories: acceptance rate, average ACT, GPA and SAT scores needed to enroll. The lower the scores, the higher the grade that respective college gets. Grades are between 6 and 10 which means that ACT, GPA and SAT scores categories earn as much as 30 points. Acceptance rate, however, is a direct proportion. It too grades between 6 and 10, but unlike the mentioned scores – the higher the acceptance rate, the higher the grade. Since we have only four criteria, there are bound to be some ties. In order to break them, we’ll give preference to colleges with lower SAT requirements, then lower GPA’s and finally to those with lower ACT scores.

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