10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Arizona

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With United States of America being vast and colorful as they are, it’s only natural that different parts of the country exhibit different prices for everyday needs which can easily be seen from this list of most expensive cities to live in Arizona. That’s right – you don’t have to look further than one state for price diversity, and in this instance it’s The Grand Canyon State. But, where does Arizona stand compared to national average? Well, according to Career Trends, Arizona is just about in the middle of the pack. With the middle ground being a score of 100, Arizona’s composite overall index of 101 doesn’t stray too far away from national average. This means that overall, Arizona is just 1% more expensive than what’s considered an average cost of living. If you take a further look at indexes that compose the overall score, you’ll see that most money in Arizona (compared to other states), goes on childcare with an index of 109, while least goes on healthcare which is 9% cheaper here than it is the case with nation’s average (index of 91). While Arizona certainly isn’t that expensive currently, it still is a part of the American Sun Belt. We have witnessed a huge population rise in major Sun Belt cities which tends to have an impact on the overall economy of both cities and their respective states. It won’t surprise us if the major metropolitan area(s) in Arizona (read Phoenix) become more expensive further down the line.

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But, how do Arizona’s cities and metropolitan areas compare among themselves? Things such as prices are rarely a one-track road, hence differences between urban areas always exist. We’ll show you to what extent these differences go in Arizona. In order to do that, we have resorted to Career Trend’s relevant data about Arizona cities. All ranked cities in Arizona and their respective data can be seen here. However, we have also decided to double check this data by comparing it to another source of information. Infoplease too has a list which compares prices of goods and services across select American cities (including a few of them from Arizona). Although their methodology might be different than that of Career Trends, overall positions when comparing the cities are remaining in place. That, however, wasn’t enough, so we have used Sperling’s Best Places and AreaVibes indexes as well. If you think that Phoenix and its quick-expanding boroughs are the most expensive neighborhoods in Arizona, you’re in for a surprise. They’re actually among those less expensive, or at least among average cities by overall cost of living.

If you’re thinking of moving away from the states into one of many English-speaking countries of the world, however, you might consider moving to the land of Oz. On average, Australia showcases similar cost of living as the United States, but that all depends on perspective. Compared to Arizona’s cities, though, Australian major cities seem a tad bit more expensive. Here’s a full list of 10 most expensive cities to live in Australia, so that you can choose for yourselves. Ultimately, let us move on to our list of 10 most expensive cities to live in Arizona.

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