11 Countries with Free College For International Students

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If you’re planning to become an expat student, this list of countries with the free college for international students should pique your interest. Just to be on the safe side here – there’s no place on Earth where you’ll study completely free of charge. Every public university requires, at least, admission or registration fees, but they are negligible compared to year-round costs – especially compared to the costs in America. If college (tuition) fee can be dismissed, it’s much easier to endure the cost of elementary expenses that you’ll have no matter where you come from. Even if you’re coming from abroad, however, some countries will offer you a stipend that can help you quite a lot with these expenses. The thing is – stipend applications are usually separated from college applications and are being conducted later on, so you won’t know if you’ve gotten one before you enroll in a program of your choosing.

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When we’re talking education for foreign students, we are talking education in English, of course. However, some countries require certain level of native language proficiency, but this prerequisite varies from country to country, and from level of education to level of education. For example, undergraduate studies might be taught exclusively in nation’s native language, but master’s and doctoral studies are often taught in English (as well as in native language, of course). Aforementioned tuition fees vary from low 3-digit numbers to 4-digit figures (in US dollars) and you can check out most of them (those in Europe) here, but costs of living are the ones that might discourage a student from enrolling at the university in specific country. Be sure to check all your options, so don’t skip our list of 11 countries with universal healthcare and free college.

We’ll rank our countries with the free college for international students by both admission fees and costs of living. Bear in mind the fact that capital and other major cities tend to be more expensive than others, hence this doesn’t have to be as accurate. You’ll find most of relevant info about both cost of living, admission and tuition fees here. Furthermore, not everyone is capable of living on a budget, but you all know what kind of habits and expenses you can expect for yourself. We will disclose living expense figures that are widely considered as sufficient for most international students. Some might even easily live on less than that.

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