11 Most Expensive Countries in Europe

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Europe is divided between 50 countries both rich and poor, and we’ll bring you the list of 11 most expensive countries in Europe. Even within the European Union, the gap between members can be wide indeed, and the same is happening with the rest of the continent. While someone might think that rest of non-EU countries have weaker economies, for changing their mind it’s often enough just to take a look at Switzerland or Norway, for instance, as they aren’t the member states.

Here’s a list of 11 most expensive countries in Africa as well, since most of these countries used to be directly subjugated by some of European colonial powers that are about to make this list. We have decided to trace the data from Numbeo for the entire year 2015. While being open-contributor service, Numbeo still provides the highly relevant data – especially for developed countries where it can easily be checked.

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Being an expensive country doesn’t necessarily mean that nation’s citizens can’t afford the basics. As you’ll see in a short while, all of these countries are long-developed and feature strong economies that allow their citizens cushy life, overall. We have taken respective country’s consumer price index, rent index and groceries index as most relevant tools for calculating the expensiveness. We could have taken the local population purchasing power and some other luxurious indexes like restaurant price index into consideration as well, but have ultimately decided to go along without them. People can certainly live without restaurants, and local population’s purchasing power doesn’t have much to do with the topic. Of course that it impacts citizen’s overall living conditions a great deal, but that only works for those living and/or working there. If you’re visiting a country, on the other hand – this indicator won’t affect you. Finally, nicely rounded index of 100 has been taken as a base value. It correlates to the prices in New York and you can simply compare it to any other number like it’s a percentage. Here’s our final list of 11 most expensive countries in Europe ranked by ascending order of the overall value of three mentioned criterions – from least to most expensive. Oh, and do bear in mind that number 11 on our list isn’t exactly the least expensive European country. It’s only one of those slightly less expensive ones.

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