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Author Archive - Madison Morgan

10 Hottest Selling Products in the USA in 2018

Shopaholics agree that the 10 hottest selling products in the USA in 2018 gained the title because they’re just items you cannot go without. It......(read more)
21 Signs Your Online Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Cheating on You

11 best products to sell on Facebook in 2018

For those looking to pad their pockets with some extra cash, or businesses hoping to take their sales to the next level, take a look at this list of the......(read more)

11 Easiest Countries to Get Permanent Residency in Europe in 2018

If you’re looking to embrace the European way of life, look no further than this list of the 11 easiest countries to get permanent residency in......(read more)
Most Expensive Boarding Schools in the World in 2017-2018

10 Science and Environmental Debate Topics for Middle School

If you’ve taken on the heroic task of teaching a group of preteens, try one of these 10 science and environmental debate topics for middle school......(read more)
biggest ICOs in December 2017

7 Best Bitcoin Documentaries to Watch on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency right now and if you want to learn about it, a simple way to do so is to check out the best bitcoin documentaries......(read more)
10 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Experts to Follow on Twitter and Facebook

Top 10 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Experts to Follow on Twitter and Facebook

If you want to stay at on top of the cryptocurrency scene, then you must learn about the top 10 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts to follow on Twitter......(read more)
Easiest Liberal Arts Colleges to Get Into

25 Easiest Liberal Arts Colleges to Get Into

If you want to build a career in liberal arts, then you should definitely learn about the easiest liberal arts colleges to get into. Of course, like......(read more)
Easiest Languages to Learn for Spanish Speakers

7 Easiest Languages to Learn for Spanish Speakers

Learning another language can be hard, but knowing mastering one language can help with others, what are the easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers......(read more)
knife, closeup, steel, monochrome, iron, symbol, utensil, clean, cutlery, weapon, one, black, hunter, object, up, shiny, design, close, stainless, folding, art, style,

8 Easiest Manual and Electric Knife Sharpeners

Sharpening a knife with precision and without causing damage to it requires the appropriate tools and our list of easiest manual and electric knife......(read more)
Top 20 Best Brazilian Soccer Players of All Time

Top 15 Best French Soccer Players of All Time

If you are French and enjoy soccer, then you’ll enjoy our list of the top 15 best French soccer players of all time. Football, soccer or association......(read more)
Safest Places to Visit in Mexico That Are Beautiful and Cheap

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in May

If you are preparing for a grand holiday in May, then you must take a look our article on the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in......(read more)
top 10 Ethereum exchanges to Buy and Sell ETH

10 Biggest Investment Banks in the World

The biggest investment banks in the world can give you the financial assistance you badly needed. Investment banks help both big companies and high net......(read more)
easiest countries to get oxycodone prescribed

6 Easiest Countries to Get Oxycodone Prescribed

If you are looking for the easiest countries to get oxycodone prescribed, then, we hope,  you really are in serious pain. We should point out that this......(read more)

10 Largest Plumbing Companies in USA

If you’ve ever walked through a large city and wondered who does the plumbing for those massive skyscrapers, the answer is probably in this list......(read more)

10 Family Art Classes in NYC

Have fun and have a great time with this list of family art classes in NYC. The Big Apple does not only promote individuality through programs that benefit......(read more)

5 Best Classes for the Adventurer in NYC

Adventurers have active minds and opt to do fun and challenging activities, which is why we have listed the best classes for the adventurer in NYC. The......(read more)
Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018

8 Best Classes Under $50 in Brooklyn

It is quite expensive living in New York City but these best classes under $50 in Brooklyn can help you gain new skills or improve on your daily life......(read more)
any, mess, mixing, multicolor, oil, oilpaint, paint, paint brush, paintbrush, painter, paintings, retro, row, rustic, set, smears, spot, stain, tools, used, vintage, worn

10 Best Classes Under $50 in Manhattan

If you wish to learn amazing new things on a budget, then you will love our list of the best classes under $50 in Manhattan. The fact of the matter is......(read more)

10 Best Kid’s Classes Under $50 in NYC

If you think it’s impossible to find the best kid’s classes under $50 in NYC, then we are here to prove you wrong, but also to help you learn......(read more)

Best Musical Classes for Adults in NYC

We have the 4 best musical classes for adults in NYC as people of all ages can enjoy musical classes, no matter how grown-up you may be. Children attending......(read more)

13 Free or Cheap Comedy and Improv Classes in NYC

Making someone laugh is a great challenge especially if we are fighting our own demons but there is always room for improvement, and you can enroll in......(read more)

10 Best Comedy Classes for Adults in NYC

To be interesting and funny is good not only for you but for people around you as well so, in order to help you improve your comedy performance, we decided......(read more)

10 Kids Improv and Comedy Classes in NYC

For the child who always makes you laugh, take a look at our list of kids improv and comedy classes in NYC to help them hone their skills and gain new......(read more)

6 Best Improv Classes for Beginners in NYC

Grab your microphone and find your spot on the stage with our list of the best improv classes for beginners in NYC. If you are looking for a reason to......(read more)

11 Best Improv Classes in NYC

If you’re looking to improve your communication and acting skills try taking one these classes on our list of best improv classes in NYC. First......(read more)

6 Cheap Acting Classes for Beginners in NYC

If you are thinking about becoming an actor then you will definitely enjoy going through our list of 6 cheap acting classes for beginners in NYC. Do......(read more)
Easiest Jobs to Get in NYC

8 Best Couples Cooking Classes in Northern NJ

Your sweetest escape from the stress of work and a break away from home for a while can be found with our list of best couples cooking classes in Northern......(read more)
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6 Summer Film Programs and Camps for High School and College Students

You have a chance of becoming a great filmmaker in a short span of time with the places on this list of 6 summer film programs and camps for high school......(read more)
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10 Best Art Tours in NYC

Whether you love art and you’ve always been inspired by it, or you just need to check off a tour for your school requirement, don’t miss......(read more)

8 Best Personal Development Classes in NYC

If you strive to find your best self, then you will absolutely enjoy our list of the best personal development classes in NYC. Personal development......(read more)
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5 Jewelry Making Classes in New York City

If you are a creative person, who enjoys making beautiful art that you can use,  then you will absolutely love these 5 jewelry making classes in New......(read more)

7 Best Beer Tasting Classes and Tours in NYC

Acquire knowledge and have fun at the same time with the 7 best beer tasting classes and tours in NYC that offer experiences which you will definitely......(read more)

9 Classes for the Wine Connoisseur in NYC

For someone who is totally into wine, these 9 classes for the wine connoisseur in NYC will teach you more about wine while improving your tasting skills......(read more)
10 Best Jobs for College Students that Pay $15 an Hour

Top 5 Editing Classes in NYC

If you like sharing your experience with your friends and family in style, then I think you will definitely find the top 5 editing classes in NYC very......(read more)

10 Unique Classes to Take in Queens for All Ages

Knowledge is power and taking one of these 10 unique classes to take in Queens for all ages may not exactly help you pass an exam, but they will teach......(read more)
9 Most Profitable Fundraisers for Individuals

8 Classes for Plant Lovers in NYC

Maybe you have a green thumb, maybe not, but checking out these 8 classes for plant lovers in NYC will help you grow your gardening skills in the concrete......(read more)
lesson, guitar, music, teaching, kid, father, learn, playing, child, son, boy, adult, youth, instrument, musician, young, guitarist, caring, fatherhood, two, fun, closeness,

6 Best Musical Classes for Children in NYC

The most effective way of teaching children is with an accompaniment of music which is why we give you our 6 best musical classes for children in NYC......(read more)

11 Best Girls’ Night Out Ideas in NYC

Sometimes we women all need a break every so often from work and family, and the best way to get this much-needed break is with some of these best girls......(read more)

10 Best Guys’ Night Out Ideas in NYC

Ladies nights out are popular, but guys need some time to spend with their “bros” too, so take a look at our list of best guys’ night......(read more)

6 Best Vegetarian Cooking Classes in NYC

If you are thinking about going green and not just in an environmentally friendly way, but also at your dinner table, then you will love our list of the......(read more)
18 Best15 Greatest Countries in the World

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in April

April is a few months away, but this is the perfect time to take a look at the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in April.  Why is......(read more)
Easiest Jobs to Get in NYC

5 Cooking Classes in New York City that Focus on Healthy Foods

If healthy eating is a top priority on your list of things to do, then stick around for a list of 5 cooking classes in New York City that focus on healthy......(read more)
Best Tinder Bio Examples for Newly Single Moms

8 Family Cooking Classes in NYC

Spending time with the family is vital to a happy life, so why not cook together with this list of family cooking classes in NYC? Food brings the family......(read more)
12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in March

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in March

Make your travel plans with the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in March. Experience the breathtaking views and activities to enjoy......(read more)
Green Dot, GDOT, pocket, paper currency, biz, stock exchange, money to burn, success, paying, exchange rate, chocolate gelt, abundance, flowing, coin, european union currency, home finances, currency

11 Easiest Credit Cards to Get with Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score, but you’re trying to get a credit card, you may be looking for the easiest guaranteed approval credit card offers......(read more)

13 Acting Classes for Kids in NYC

Some kids have a flair for the dramatics, and if your child falls into that category, our list of acting classes for kids in NYC will be a good source......(read more)
cocktails, beverage, alcohol

5 Best Mixology Classes in Brooklyn and Upstate NY

In order for you to become a bartender, you need to take a mixology course, and if you are looking to do one, then the 4 best mixology classes in Brooklyn......(read more)
cocktails, beverage, alcohol

6 Best Mixology Classes in New Jersey

If you want to learn how to make top-notch mixed drinks, you can enroll in the best mixology classes in New Jersey, where you can find some of the best......(read more)
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11 Foods that Lower Cholesterol Fast

If you want to live healthy, you need to eat healthy, which is why you should take a look at our list of 11 foods that lower cholesterol fast. Technology......(read more)
15 Best Flexible Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students in 2017

15 Classes in NYC That Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of people practicing and making a healthy lifestyle look easy, but then it is a struggle to keep up with it, so if you want to do it and......(read more)