7 Best Scannable Fake ID Websites (Updated)

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Getting your hands on a good fake ID can be tough, but if you want to risk arrest, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best scannable fake ID websites.

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Creating a fake ID online is much easier nowadays than it used to be. However, it is a crime in every state with many states punishing the person with a fake ID with a felony. Even still, people have not lost interest in making and buying fake IDs, like fake driver’s licenses, birth certificates or even passport. Fake IDs will allow a person to hide their original identity and make a totally new identity. There are a lot of picture editing software programs where you can edit and modify or even make a new fake ID, making it so much easier. There are also, of course, many websites that provide fake IDs at a cheap price, and they can provide the ID within a few days. If you go to Google, you’ll be surprised (or not) at how many people are searching for fake ID information. Many people are interested to see the Chfake reviews — Chfake is a popular website that makes fake IDs online. According to many blogging sites like Reddit and in YouTube, Chfake’s products are not good enough to be legit. We have seen many Chfake ID reviews and came up with the answer that, Chfake ID is really a fake website. They’re a scam for sure, so If you want to order a fake ID online, you should look at our list of 6 Best Scannable Fake ID Websites. You can also check out this article on 5 Underground Fake ID Places in NYC, Chinatown, Brooklyn and More if you are a resident of The Big Apple.

6 Best Scannable Fake ID Websites

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A person can get some privileges from fake IDs, but in the long run, he or she could face punishment from the law. There are also fake ID laws for vendors who offer fake IDs online and offline too. These laws prohibit a person from making, selling, purchasing or even using false/fake IDs and documents. Different states have different kinds of law to punish false ID crimes. For example, a state can declare it illegal to use the ID to establish a false identity or even attempt to use a state-issued real ID, like birth certificates. False ID laws can also penalize a person with a real ID when someone else tries to use that ID. For example, a student might borrow his or her friend’s ID to buy alcohol. Showing a borrowed ID or stolen ID is also a crime, and in some specific states, they have rules for borrowed IDs. An arrest for a fake ID could lead to fines, community service or even jail time. So, if you’re looking for the best fake id state, look for one with the fewest laws and don’t buy a cheap fake ID. Take a look at the 7 Easiest and Most Common Fake ID States for more.

For today’s list of best websites for fake ids that scan, checked out each and every post and video related to fake IDs on Reddit and YouTube. Then we looked at the comments people post there to determine which websites to pick. We have seen a lot of websites that offer scannable Fake IDs, but most of them are not legit. We ultimately picked the popular websites that don’t have a lot of complaints and are listed as trusted on Reddit as the best fake id sites. Reddit listed trusted websites have a record for producing quality Fake IDs for 12+ months. We then cross-checked our small list of websites from some YouTube videos. 

Let’s take a look at the 7 best scannable fake ID websites.

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