10 Best Classes Under $50 in Manhattan

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If you wish to learn amazing new things on a budget, then you will love our list of the best classes under $50 in Manhattan.

The fact of the matter is, education is an endless process. Throughout our lives we learn new things and the drive to learn new things should never subside. We are firm believers in that notion, and this is why we wish to share with you some amazing classes around Manhattan that you can take to learn some awesome stuff. What kind of things you ask? Well, each individual is different and our interests vary greatly. We tried to make the list as diverse as possible only for that reason. Although, we were a bit limited in terms of budget, a mere $50, we did our best in finding out the best value that $50 could get you as far as NYC classes and workshops.

Best Classes Under $50 in Manhattan

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With a land area of 22.83 square miles, Manhattan is not the biggest borough in New York City, however, it is considered to be the most notable borough of New York City and for good reasons. If you are to trace the history of New York City, you will find out that the city was first formed by colonists of the Dutch Republic in 1624 in Lower Manhattan as a trading post. At the time it was called New Amsterdam. To many, Manhattan is synonymous to New York City. According to a survey done in 2015 the population of Manhattan is around 1.6 million, which is pretty significant given the area of the borough. Manhattan is the most densely populated borough of New York City too, which is no surprise.

If you are a resident of Manhattan, then the classes we are about to share with you can definitely have a positive impact on your life. But, these classes are only located in the borough of Manhattan. If you do not mind attending classes from all over NYC, then please take a look at our article on 10 Life Improving Classes in New York to Improve Your Life. Anyway, let’s focus on the topic at hand. While browsing through all the available options, we stuck to those classes that in our humble opinion offer the most value for your money. The classes we are about to recommend to you costs $50 or less, but that does not mean you will not get much out of these classes, instead your $50 or less will be well spent.

Since we are listing classes for Manhattan, the most densely populated borough of NYC, we went straight to Class Curious’ rich database. Here, we found everything from classes in NYC for adults to fun classes to take with friends, and NYC classes for couples. We also sought help from Google’s search engine as well. Keeping with the title of our article, we selected the classes that fit the bill perfectly. You’ll find that our list is ranked by the price of classes, since all of the classes are at or below $50. We then went on to assess the quality of these classes from online reviews and ratings from various sources. However, we ranked our list based on pricing alone. As all the classes that made our list are highly regarded by the respective communicates.

Let’s get our list of the best classes under $50 in Manhattan started, so you can find out about the fun classes to take in NYC.

10. Palais des Thés Tea School

Price: $50

Address: 107 Spring Street, 2nd floor (entrance on Mercer St), New York, NY 10012

Tea is generally considered a British thing, but we just could not pass up the opportunity to share this amazing class with our readers. Stereotyping aside, tea is an amazing drink to have, and if you are interested in taking your passion for tea to the next level, then the tea tasting class offered by Palais des Thés Tea School is a must for you. The cost per person is $50, but for that you get to enjoy the full sensory experience of tea tasting, and also the company of tea experts who will share anecdotes and background information about each tea type.

Best Classes Under $50 in Manhattan


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