12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in May

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If you are preparing for a grand holiday in May, then you must take a look our article on the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in May.

Although there are a few months to go before we get to May, you need to plan ahead of time if you want to make the most of your holiday.  In essence, we wish to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best countries to visit in South America and the best places to visit in Central America in May. The thing is, unlike North America, there are quite a few countries in Central and South America and the weather varies from one place to another due to the geography. We want to give you the list of places where you will have the optimal experience as a tourist during the month of May. If you visit a place and remain confined to your hotel room due to bad weather, then there is no point in visiting it, right? It is crucial to factor in South American weather and seasons when planning a trip there.

Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in May

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If you are just visiting South or Central America for the first time, which is the case for many of our readers, then you will have a little difficulty coming up with the most effective travel plan. However, we have already done all the heavy lifting for you if you are planning a visit in May, and you can rely on our findings to plan your trip. With that said, what if you want to go on a vacation during April, we’ve got you covered for April as well. Just take a look at the 12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in April. Another likely scenario is that you want to visit Europe or other parts of the world in May, and if you are unsure where to go, then check out the 15 Best Places to Travel in May in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations, In case you would prefer to remain in the United States, then check out the 15 Best Places to Visit in USA in May.

To find the best places of tourist interest in South America and Central America we employed several techniques. First up we took a look at the Global peace index 2017 to find out the most peaceful countries in Central and South America. Then we went ahead and found out the top tourist destinations in those countries. In order to determine the top destinations, we used websites like Trip AdvisorPrice of Travel and Travel and Leisure, which gave us enough data to work with. For rankings, we took into consideration the weather of each location in May (we had to look at weather patterns and forecasts for that we used The Best Time to Visit). We also went through travel-related forums for reviews of places and expert opinions. Finally, we took into account the cost of stay per night as well. We put Google’s trusty search engine through its paces for all the additional information.

Let’s get our list of 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in May started, so you can start planning your dream vacation.

12. San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro is a small yet beautiful town located in the southern part of Ambergris Caye, Belize, and it is one of the most expensive places in all of Central America. However, if you do decide to visit San Pedro, then we can guarantee that you will not regret your visit. The town is teeming with seafood restaurants, beach bars and all the luxuries of an extravagant pleasure town.

Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in May

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