7 Best Beer Tasting Classes and Tours in NYC

Acquire knowledge and have fun at the same time with the 7 best beer tasting classes and tours in NYC that offer experiences which you will definitely want to repeat.

The oldest beverage we have is beer. This comes much cheaper and affordable than other alcoholic drinks, which make it the consumers of all drinking ages’ favorite. The first brewed beer in America, made by the Native American tribes, did not use barley. Much later on, Europe and Netherlands brought along with them their brewing and their products in America. San Francisco is where steam beer was born, which provides a way to meet the high demands. Another struggle that the brewing industry encountered was prohibition making alcoholic beverages illegal, including production, sale, and transportation. The evolution of beer in America later led to microbreweries and currently active microbreweries popping up all across the country, even in New York City. NYC is famous for its various types of activities and classes, and with plenty of places to drink beer, there are also beer-related classes.

7 Best Beer Tasting Classes and Tours in NYC

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Advertisements on alcoholic beverages always have a reminder to drink moderately, due to the fact that these alcoholic beverages may have some benefits to give us if taken in a moderate amount. Beer contains water, malted barley or any starch source, a yeast preferred by the brewer, and hops for flavoring. Since hops are an essential ingredient used to make beers, we’ve located the 10 biggest hop producing countries in the world. While many people love beer for the taste and the fun that comes with it, beer also helps in digestion and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. If you want to try making your own beer, you have to do a research and buy your own brewing kit. You can also get a brewing kit online, just make sure that it is a legit online shop to surely get your brewing kit delivered to you. These days, various types of beer are available to purchase, especially because of microbreweries coming up with innovations on their product to keep up with the demands of the consumers.

While there are advantages, there are also disadvantages if you drink too much beer. This could lead to heartburn, blood pressure, dehydration, and of course of all beer belly. We wouldn’t want to have that, right? And of course, you should never drink and drive, even if you’re just having a couple of beers. It is better to avoid instances like this and be safe. There may be a lot of pubs in New York that offer beer but only a few conduct beer tasting classes and tours in NYC. We relied on to Class Curious for our list of the best beer tasting classes and tours in New York City. We also did Google Search to check on some reviews from the customers. These are listed according to the ones who offer both beer tasting classes, and tours for not all have programs like this. Some would just have either beer tasting class or the tour. We may enjoy drinking with friends with or without occasion, but we should be cautious of the amount of alcohol intake and be able to acquire the benefits and not the disadvantages of drinking beer.

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