5 Jewelry Making Classes in New York City

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If you are a creative person, who enjoys making beautiful art that you can use,  then you will absolutely love these 5 jewelry making classes in New York City.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to look their best. We augment our looks through various means, but jewelry is perhaps the most popular way of looking different and making a bold fashion statement at the same time. For thousands of years, the art of jewelry making has been reinvented many times, but some argue that yet it has not been perfected. But that is not the point here, as we want to share some amazing jewelry making classes with you because with the knowledge you gain from these classes not only you will be able to make absolutely astonishing pieces of jewelry for yourself, but who knows you might find yourself designing for the 10 best jewelry stores in the world one day. Basically, that means, you can actually make it a full-time thing if you find it interesting.

Of course, the ability to craft your own jewelry will give you the opportunity to create something extremely beautiful yet unique. Anybody can go to a store and pick up something beautiful, but I assure you jewelry that you can pick up off the shelf will hardly ever be unique. If you decide to take a jewelry making class, you will possess the ability to wear something unique which is awesome in the world of fashion. Of course, the complex design and professional-like craftsmanship will be clearly visible in your work after some practice. We should note that by saying “unique jewelry, ” we do not mean something anybody can patch together with a few bits and pieces.

Jewelry is a highly sought after commodity, although it is not essential to survive, it is something quite essential to live. If you are thinking about a career in jewelry making, then this is definitely a viable option. Of course, you have to prove yourself through your creativity, but if you got what it take, then you can definitely succeed as a jewelry maker in the market. In fact, many people are making a decent living by selling homemade jewelry after taking the classes that we are about to mention. It is a win-win situation, even if you do not pursue a career in jewelry making you will still be able to dazzle your friends and family with your skills. What better gift can you think of for a friend than a hand crafted piece of jewelry?

In our article, we will be talking about the jewelry making classes in the Big Apple, which includes jewelry making classes in Brooklyn, that anyone can take and learn from. Whether you are a complete greenhorn or someone with prior experience, you will be able to learn a significant amount by taking these classes. In our humble opinion, these classes are the best there is when it comes to jewelry making in New York City. As usual, we sought help from the rich database of Class Curious to find these classes in the first place. We also did a quick Google Search as well for additional data gathering. From there we built our list, and now we are proudly sharing our findings with you. Depending on your flexibility and schedule, you should pick one from our list, and get started as soon as you can.

There is no use stalling anymore, let’s get started with our list of 5 jewelry making classes in New York City.

5. Argentium 101 at Jewelry Arts Inc

Address: 22 E 49th St, Fourth Floor, New York, NY 1001

The Argentium 101 is a class where you will be able to learn how to mold Argentium sterling silver into beautiful jewelry. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or someone already with the knowledge of metallurgy. Jewelry Arts Inc is an authority when it comes to jewelry making in New York City, and they have some of the most skilled instructors in jewelry making. The neat thing about their classes is that they offer what is called a semi-private environment for learning. That basically means, that in a typical class there will be about 4 to 5 students at best, per instructor. This ensures a positive environment for learning and makes it a lot easier for beginners to pick up on things that in huge class would be quite difficult. It also means, you will have a more active role during classes and will be able to learn better. It’s a great place to start learning about jewelry making, period.

5 Jewelry Making Classes in New York City


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