10 Biggest Investment Banks in the World

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The biggest investment banks in the world can give you the financial assistance you badly needed.

Investment banks help both big companies and high net worth individuals. They also get paid for other services they render like advisory on financial matters, insurance, and sales marketing. Put simply; investment banks facilitate the purchase and sales of bonds and stocks. Deposit accounts for individuals and businesses are what commercial banks manage, which sets their line of work apart from investment banks. The Securities and Exchange Commission reviews and regulates investment banks in the United States, and Congress, on the other hand, regulates and investigates investment banks at irregular intervals.

Biggest Investment Banks in the World

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Many investment bankers spend long hours working with their clients, and they also deal with an enormous amount of data and numbers, so data management is a must. For some, it is an achievement to work in the most prestigious investment banks, but it’s also expected that these institutions have high standards in terms of accepting their employees especially if it is among the top 100 investment banks. Our list of top 10 financial services companies in Fortune 500 contains some of the prestigious investment banks if you’re interested in learning more. Other options are found on our list of 10 largest financial services companies by AUM.

Statista and Google were our main sources in completing our list where some of the items are among the top 10 investment banks in the world 2017. The basis of the ranking is the percentage of the global market share of revenue. The items on our list are also the leading investment banks in the market today. These entities are not just popular but also successful investment banks that provide various services to their clients. You will have a hard time choosing just one, as they all provide quality work and service.

Let us find out the 10 biggest investment banks in the world.

10. UBS Group


Wealth management, investment banking, and asset management are the services offered by UBS worldwide. They cater to the individual, institutional, and corporate clients. UBS claims to do its best to find the perfect solutions to your needs. Around 61,000 people are employed with this institution worldwide.

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