10 Family Art Classes in NYC

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Have fun and have a great time with this list of family art classes in NYC. The Big Apple does not only promote individuality through programs that benefit a person, but it provides outlets that give importance to quality family time.

Art is everywhere in New York City. The artwork around the city is not limited to paintings but found other forms as well like sculptures and graffiti. Modern art is very visible around the city. With around one hundred museums that conduct tours in NYC, you have a vast array of choices on where you want to spend your free time. Plus, you get educated in the rich history or learn the story of each art work you see during the tour. There are museums that exhibit the usual artwork and there are also those off-the-beaten-path exhibits, and many have tours for adults and for children as well. Some of these museums even conduct art classes. Museums are not only the ones which conduct art classes since art comes in many forms. We can find music and dance establishments that conduct classes around New York City.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

What makes a community is a family, and each strives to live harmoniously with other families in the community. We may have differences, but one thing in common is that time spent with each other is a must. We may fight different obstacles, but a family must stick together. A family uplifts each other during bad times and rejoices together during good times, and a great foundation starts with the family. We can stay at home or go outside, do some fun activities together, and luckily you have a lot of choices in New York. There are things like cooking classes for the family where each member has their task in the kitchen and a whole list of other classes that the family will enjoy.

The items on our list mostly include art classes that focus on painting. We got these from the Class Curious database which you can rely on when you are looking for classes or activities to do around New York City. We also did a background check on these establishments with the use of Google Search. Our aim is to give you credible classes and activities so you don’t have to waste most of your time looking for what to do. Our fun and creative classes are listed in no particular order. The ones that made it onto our list have their scheduled separate classes for kids and adults, you can check our 9 Art Classes for Kids in NYC. They opt to have a program for the family because they want to encourage the community that there are activities that a family can do together.

Let’s check out our list of family art classes in NYC.

10. Queens Museum

There is a line up of activities here at the Queens Museum aside from viewing the exhibits. There are also plans that are yet to be materialized and experienced by many. Their family workshops include a tour of the exhibits where the participating families are able to reflect on the learning they acquired. They will then make their own masterpiece with the help of Queens Museum’s skilled artists. A therapeutic art workshop is also offered to families with special needs children and children with autism spectrum.

 Family Art Classes in NYC


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