5 Underground Fake ID Places in NYC: Chinatown, Brooklyn (Updated)

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This is not to give you an idea of doing something fishy, but there are still places in NYC that make fake IDs, which you can find on our list of 5 underground fake ID places in NYC: Chinatown, Brooklyn and more.

This article is for people whose lives are in danger and who are on the run from criminal organizations trying to harm them. If you are hiding from criminal organizations, you will need proper identification to cash a check or rent an apartment. If you do have a legitimate reason to hide your identity, please talk to a lawyer about fake ID laws in your state or country before taking any action. Nothing in this article does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for entertainment and general informational purposes only. Insider Monkey doesn’t endorse illegal activity and doesn’t accept any responsibility for your actions. Please read our Terms of Use and leave our site if you don’t agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The Big Apple has a lot of wonderful places that are worth your time exploring, but you might discover something darker on your adventures around town. For a local, this may be something not new at all, but for a tourist, you should avoid these places that could get you into trouble. There are reasons why people or those who are not the legal age take the risk on getting fake IDs. One of the reasons could be peer pressure. Teens who have a set of friends that are all of the legal drinking age, might feel pressured to join in on the fun. Who wants to get left out at home anyway? So you need to do something to fit in the crowd. You may be able to get a fake ID but the bar or club bouncers are trained to spot one unless your fake ID is close to your valid ID. If you do get caught, you are definitely not making it into the club or bar, and you might land yourself a misdemeanor, or possibly even a felony in some states. And of course, they are going to trash that fake ID you probably spent a ton of money on. But if you were able to get in, chances are the bouncer let you but that doesn’t mean they were not able to spot your fake ID.

You may get past a liquor store or a bar but have you thought of a much greater trouble you are getting yourself into? You can use a fake name for your fake ID or choose to use your real personal information but once your personal information is out, it could easily circulate over the internet and in just a millisecond, around the globe. This could lead to other people using your identity and even steal it from you, making it appear that you are the fake one. If you think this just happens in the movies, think again. It is better to keep your personal details intact to avoid troubles like this. Fake IDs do not exist only in New York City but they can be found everywhere. In some places, they’re easier to obtain, which is evident in this list of 7 easiest and most common fake ID states.

If you get caught with a fake ID, you could get charged for a state level or worse, federal level offense. You can even get required to pay a penalty and be imprisoned for years depending on your offense. Aside from fake ID, a forged document like a passport could elevate your offense to a federal level. Penalty and imprisonment are also the consequence of doing such. This is why you should think more than twice about contacting someone in the underground fake ID places in NYC. Despite the fact that manufacturing fake IDs is an illegal business, there are still those who take the risk for a single fake ID, you could possibly earn $100 or higher.

We have searched through Class Curious‘ database and did a thorough digging with a Google Search. We’ve found out that there are forums about fake ID places in NYC and some have gone further in promoting this illegal act online. There are even sample outputs as the proof of their service though a lead is hard to acquire for they don’t really mention the exact name of the shop or the exact address. For out-of-New York services (or maybe within New York because they are no whereabouts stated), they inform their clients ahead of time giving them a list of states they are shipping the order. These fake IDs are shipped along with other items, like in between a thick manual or at the sole of a shoe. However, for walk-in shops of fake ID makers in NYC, a middleman would guide you there which you also have to pay him or will give you instructions where you will have to wait. You can get it immediately in an hour. We based the sequence of the list as the most suggested or most talked about place to the least on where to get fake ID in NYC.

Remember, we recommend you wait until you are of legal age, and refrain from obtaining a fake ID. Here are possible prospects of underground fake ID places in NYC: Chinatown, Brooklyn and more. 

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