5 Best Mixology Classes in Brooklyn and Upstate NY

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In order for you to become a bartender, you need to take a mixology course, and if you are looking to do one, then the 4 best mixology classes in Brooklyn and upstate NY will certainly help you.

Now, we certainly have nothing against Bartenders, but one thing must set right before we even begin is that a bartender is not necessarily a mixologist. Mixology is an entirely different kind of approach to making alcohol more pleasurable to those who want to drink. Though, from the customer’s perspective both professions have little to no difference. However, if you ask the people in the industry they will obviously tell you otherwise. Cocktails are awesome, and it is the mixologist’s job to create amazing cocktails by combining drinks and whenever possible improving them. On the other hand, a bartender’s job is to make great drinks and provide the customer with a balanced experience. However, the recent alcohol consumption trend is certainly favoring cocktails thus their mixologists are in high demand right now.

If you are thinking about a career change, and you possess a passion for cocktails, then perhaps becoming a mixologist is a viable option. However, you need to have the passion for it, otherwise your cocktails will end up being drab and lacking the creative spirit. If you possess that already, then there is clearly a great opportunity waiting for you out there. All you have to do is just go through the course to get the paperwork and certification. Then let the hunt for the perfect job commence. There are over 8 million New Yorkers out there, and not enough mixologists to keep their glasses filled up. If you enjoy cocktails, especially making them, then this article will help you a great deal. If Brooklyn and upstate, NY does not work for your location-wise, then you should check out our list of 5 Best Mixology Classes in Manhattan. If you’re looking for a cheap bartending school in NYC, we’ve tried to help you out, though nothing in the city is very cheap.

Best Mixology Classes in Brooklyn and Upstate NY


Being a mixologist is a recognized and sought after profession. You will find mixologists working in everything from dive bars to high-end restaurants and chic nightclubs. If you wish to climb up the ladder, then you need to take these classes to improve your skills. These classes will not only improve upon the cocktail making skills you already possess, but also provide you with the certification that you can use to kindle the interest of potential high end employers. Now that said, if you are going into this without any prior experience, then you do not have to worry as well. All you need is a creative personality and an open mind for learning. Of course, prior exposure to cocktail making will help you along, but it is not mandatory for the classes we are about to mention.

This is about the time when we discuss our methodology. As always, we consulted the rich database of Class Curious in order to find the classes that fit the bill for this article. We also sought help from a simple Google search about mixology programs around Manhattan. Once we were done with finding the raw data, we sorted them and ranked them based on user ratings. Who better to ask for ratings than those who have actually been to the classes, right? Despite the list being ranked and all, we are confident that you can pick any class that made the list and it will be a worthwhile investment.

Let’s take a look at some New York bartending school reviews and get our list of best mixology classes in Brooklyn and upstate NY started.

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