10 Hottest Selling Products in the USA in 2018

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Shopaholics agree that the 10 hottest selling products in the USA in 2018 gained the title because they’re just items you cannot go without.

It’s no secret that Americans love stuff. From websites, to big box stores, everywhere you look there are products waiting for you to buy them. We’ve become so bad with out materialism, that one option of a product just doesn’t cut it, so when you go to a store you have 20 different brands of laundry detergent to choose from. With this obsession for “stuff” comes a ton of waste and environmental problems, but that argument’s for another day. Anyway, what is considered as a “hot product” pretty much changes on a weekly basis as there are just so many products and interests out there. One week it might be a food item, while another, it might be a toy (which is especially true around the holidays). Last year, Insider Monkey came up with a list of the 10 hottest selling products in USA in 2017, but obviously that list has drastically changed today.

To research this list, we obviously had to take into account the product trends for 2018. This basically refers to what consumers are most interested in at the moment. Many of these products end up being niche products that target a specific group of people, which is easy to do online. For some examples, check out our list of the 10 best selling products online in 2018 that takes a look at the top e-commerce products. Experts suggest some of the best selling niche products and most popular products to sell online are those in which you can build a community around. For example there are online communities dedicated to health, unicorns, slime, and a ton of other random topics.


The world’s most popular consumer-voted award for product innovation is the “Product of the year” (POY). It was founded in France over 30 years ago, and today, POY works in more than forty countries with the similar purpose of guiding customers to the best products in their market and offering rewards to manufacturers for innovation and quality. More than 40,000 customers’ votes support the POY seal in the U.S. alone. This phenomenon acts as a shortcut for buyers in the hypermarket saving both their cash and time. The award offered to the respective manufacturers of the winning products includes a strong marketing message that is proved to enhance product trial, publicity, distribution, and sales. The product of the year accepts entries from consumer packed items on an annual basis. These products are expected to have been launched within the year before with an actual demonstration of innovation.

From statistics, Product of the Year in the USA surpasses category sales performance by 38.1%. The effectiveness of the Product of the year logo on a package compared to the word “New” is 25%. For this post, we have consulted Product of the Year USA (which utilized a study by Kantar TNS), MetriloA Better Lemonade Stand and Google. From these sources, we came up with a list of “Winning products” that are trending on Google Trends from the least selling (relatively speaking) to the hottest sales in the U.S. These products are guaranteed the right to use the POY seal in communications of marketing for 24 months.

Get your credit card ready for our list of the 10 hottest selling products in the USA in 2018.

10. Copper Chef Deep Square Pan

Category: Cooking

This Copper Chef square pan is a replacement for your roasting pan, wok, fryer, steamer, frying pan, rice pan and stock pan. The square shape of this pan creates an allowance extra cooking space. The pan is made of a non-stick material that avoids food from sticking to it. It’s right for all cooks! Tristar Products, Inc. sells this product at a retail price of $39.99.

Angel Simon/Shutterstock.com

Angel Simon/Shutterstock.com

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