10 Best Comedy Classes for Adults in NYC

To be interesting and funny is good not only for you but for people around you as well so, in order to help you improve your comedy performance, we decided to create a list of best comedy classes for adults in NYC.

It isn’t easy to take a microphone and go out on the scene in front of so many people and start talking — especially while trying to be entertaining. It doesn’t matter whether you are telling a real life experience, sketch or you are improvising because to make your audience laugh, you have to know how to do it, and this is the hard part. Everyone can learn a joke or two, but not everyone knows how to tell it to make people laugh. Some people are born with this talent while others need to work to explore the techniques of it, either way, it can be taught, and it isn’t all that hard if you take the time to practice. 

10 Best Comedy Classes for Adults in NYC

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Improvisation and comedy aren’t important only for adults. No, they are important for the youngest minds as well because improv and comedy are the things that will get them up and going in life and what will give them the ability to look at a particular matter from different perspectives. It is very important for every child to live in a happy and encouraging environment to start building their character in the right way. Since it is very important for children to know how to improvise and develop their comedy performance, if you have kids, we recommend you to take a look at our list of 10 kids improv and comedy classes in NYC.

To be a successful comedian, you don’t always need talent, knowing the right techniques is very important as well, and the best comedians are utilizing them. If you decide to attend one of the following classes, you will learn many different techniques that every successful comedian uses and develops to keep us entertained and interested. There are people who don’t aspire to have comedy performance be their profession and if you are one of them, we encourage you to take one of these classes not only because you will have a lot of fun, but because you will learn so many new things that could significantly help you expand your network, improve your communication with your co-workers and your boss, and become more funny and interesting when you are with your friends.

To create our list of the best comedy classes in NYC, we used Class Curious and their database to see what are the best comedy classes for adults in NYC. We also relied on a Google search to dig up a little more information on various programs. After we had collected the information from our source what was left for us was to sort our list. While our list isn’t sorted in a particular order, we took the classes that came up the most in our research and seem to be the most popular. We left it to you to discover the classes and decide for yourself which one you think is the best for you. 

Grab your microphone, prepare your punchline, and let’s go through our list of best comedy classes for adults in NYC.

10. Sketch Comedy Writing Studio

Location: 115 W 29th Street 12th Fl

The Sketch Comedy Writing Studio will teach you how to create your original sketch comedy material and how to develop your professional writing portfolio. If you dream of writing for late night TV, you should start with this class because it will motivate you to keep moving towards your dream. You don’t need previous experience, but a desire for learning is required. If you decide to join this class, you should know that you will be working with a creative, cooperative and encouraging team. The average class size in the Sketch Comedy Writing Studio consists of approximately 20 students, and various teachers teach them.

10 Best Comedy Classes for Adults in NYC

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