9 Classes for the Wine Connoisseur in NYC

For someone who is totally into wine, these 9 classes for the wine connoisseur in NYC will teach you more about wine while improving your tasting skills in knowing the difference from one wine to another.

How wine came about has various legends coming from various countries. In the bible, it was written about in Genesis at the time of Noah. In Greek Mythology, Dionysus was named the God of wine. The oldest winery was found in Armenia in Vayots Dzor. There, winemaking is evident for there was a wine press, fermentation vats, jars, and cups found much later. There is a possibility that there could be a winery older than the one found in Armenia. With these old wineries found, the wine has come a long way since ancient times. America’s oldest Winery is the Brotherhood which was established in 1839 and is located at Brotherhood Plaza Drive Washingtonville in New York. You can still visit this institution for wine tastings and tours. If you’re interested in obtaining  your sommelier certification in NYC, you might luck up with this list.

9 Classes for the Wine Connoisseur in NYC


The main compound of wine is grapes that undergo fermentation. There are also added ingredients like sugar, water, and the oak is also a great factor in making wines. The oak contributes to the color, flavor, and texture of the wine. This where the aging of wine happens and varies on the length of time stored in the oak. American White Oak is the most used barrel in the U.S. However, wineries around the world have their distinct oak that they use. Do you wonder what oak winemakers used to produce the 10 most expensive wines in the world? They have their own process that these expensive wines were produced. Just like other alcoholic beverages, the wine must be consumed moderately. Red wines have a higher amount of alcohol, but the benefits of drinking wine include reduced heart disease risk and lowers the chance of getting heart problems and stroke. It also lowers the risk of diabetes. Whatever alcoholic beverage we consume, we must be watchful of our alcohol intake for it will always backfire on to our health once it is already too much for our body to handle.

New York City offers wine stores with quality products, and it is no surprise that we can also find the best classes for a wine connoisseur in NYC. You can also experience wine tastings and tours given by various wine shops or wine entities. You may experience along with your wine tasting and tour free meals paired with the wine of your choice. You get educated and enjoy the experience at the same time. These of course are handled by guides who are trained and will surely give you the right information that is due.

We used the Class Curious database and managed to gather the results that we have on our list that includes some of the best wine classes in NYC. A little Google Search also helped us in putting up and finalize the items on our list. These classes have their own forte on wine, so these are ranked randomly. You may want to check wine tastings and tours that would fit your schedule or book a private tour with your family or friends. You just have to check the regulations on your chosen entity that will provide you with these services.

Get your glasses ready for our list of 9 classes for the wine connoisseur in NYC.