10 Unique Classes to Take in Queens for All Ages

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Knowledge is power and taking one of these 10 unique classes to take in Queens for all ages may not exactly help you pass an exam, but they will teach you some pretty cool and one of a kind subjects.

The greater New York City area has so many types of classes available to residents, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. If you are into cooking, there are tons of options for that. Or, if you’re more of the artsy type, you have a range of classes to choose from that cover everything from photography to sculpting. As you can see, there’s something to pique everyone’s interest because there are so many unique classes in NYC. If I could take any type of class in the city, I’m positive I would pick something related to cooking and/or baking, mainly because I love to eat. It would also be great to gain some new skills in the kitchen, and learn the tricks of some really unique, restaurant-quality recipes. Luckily, the world is my oyster when it comes to this city and cooking classes. Since we’re talking about Queens, you might want to check out this list of 6 Inexpensive Cooking Classes In and Near Queens if cooking is your thing. However, after a few of these classes, I imagine I would get tired of the same style of class, even though each is unique.

 Unique Classes to Take in Queens for All Ages

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 For those of you who do not wish to see another BYOB painting class leaving you with canvases you don’t want to hang, or those of you who have mastered this who cooking thing, there are still a ton of classes that focus on out-of-the–box topics. While Queen is known for being a mostly residential borough of New York, it’s also extremely unique, as it is the most ethnically diverse borough of the city. The NY Times estimates (according to U.S. Census Reports) that at least 138 languages are spoken by Queens’ residents. So, for such a diverse and unique area, you can bet that you can find some exclusive classes that you won’t find in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

To come up with this list of classes we relied on the extensive database at Class Curious, which is our go-to resource for NYC classes and workshops. We also used a simple Google search to gather a few more unique gems to add to our list. On the list you will find programs that offer all sorts of classes, however, we decided to focus on some of their most unique offerings, that won’t be easy to find anywhere else. We’ve covered everything from fitness to art and food to make sure anyone can find something on this list they will enjoy. These programs offer classes in NYC for adults as well as those for kids. We also incorporated classes for kids as well as those just for adults, and some of the programs offer classes for both. We decided to rank the list based on how “unique” and unheard of each class is, so at the top of the list you will find what we believe is the most unique option you can find in the city, let alone, Queens.

Enough with the suspense already, let’s show you some of the unique classes to take in Queens for all ages.

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