10 Kids Improv and Comedy Classes in NYC

For the child who always makes you laugh, take a look at our list of kids improv and comedy classes in NYC to help them hone their skills and gain new ones they can keep for life. 

Improv is short from improvisation and knowing how to improvise is very important not only for children but for adults as well. Improv is a performance act, and it can be thought of as a type of theater where the actor will come up with a scene or a game from suggestions taken by the audience. Some people are born with this talent to think of a joke or to make up a story right on the spot, but for other people, thinking of something right on the spot seems like the worst nightmare. But, if you or your child belong to the second category of people, don’t worry because improv is something you can learn. There are 6 best improv classes for beginners in NYC where you can find out how to reveal that creative side of you. The Big Apple never sleeps and you can even find under 18 comedy clubs in NYC. 

10 Kids Improv and Comedy Classes in NYC

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Knowing how to improvise is very important for children when they are still young because it has so many benefits for them in their adult life. Improv could help kids to change their vocabulary as well as their behavior. It can also free their mind, build up their public speaking skills, foster collaboration in groups, and it can make them better listeners and more open to new directions. These are just a few benefits, of the many, improv has for the youngest ones.

Many shy kids will naturally isolate themselves because they think if they say something they will embarrass themselves and improv will help them to grow out of these habits. In addition to this, we should also mention how comedy could impact children’s lives. Encouraging your child’s sense of humor will help him/her to see things from other perspectives not only from the obvious one. Things like improv games for beginners will also teach them how to be spontaneous, to see beyond the surface on things, to enjoy as well as participate in the playful aspects of life and not to take themselves too seriously. If you combine improv with comedy and teach all of these things to your child, he will live a positive and happy life, that’s for sure.

While creating our list, we used the Class Curious database as our source as it has all things New York City. We also used a quick Google search to find more programs for kids. After we collected the data from our sources, it was left to sort our list, but, since there isn’t a particular way to sort it, we left it to you to check all of them and see which class is perfect for your kid to attend. Different programs have different focuses, age groups, prices, and schedules. Either way, you won’t regret it because it will change your child’s life in a way you never imagined.

Now let’s get down to our list of 10 kids improv and comedy classes in NYC and start the countdown.

10. Kids ‘N Comedy

Location: 208 W 23rd St

Patience is the key to every success, and if you want your child to become successful in improv, you should seriously consider signing him/her up for the Kids ‘N Comedy class. This class is dedicated to teaching the youngest minds how to write and perform stand-up comedy in a friendly and encouraging environment full with strange minds and big laughs. Your kid will thank you later for signing them up for this class because even though you cannot see all the benefits of it now, you will see them reflected in their personality, character and decision making shortly.

10 Kids Improv and Comedy Classes in NYC