10 Science and Environmental Debate Topics for Middle School

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If you’ve taken on the heroic task of teaching a group of preteens, try one of these 10 science and environmental debate topics for middle school to keep them engaged.

A debate is an exciting, high-interest method to teach a various number of skills to students. It makes students active in searching for topics and discussion promotes teamwork, public speaking practice, and skilled critical thinking. Conducting debates in middle school could be fruitful despite the challenges that are associated with teaching teens. Through these discussions, students can learn what it means to be passionate about different topics, while also having fun discussing them.

During participation in debates (and with a list of good debate topics), students raise their ideas — they also learn to pay attention to the opinions of others to then reach a definite conclusion over the topic of the discussion. Obviously, there are a number of debate topics for kids that won’t be too far ahead of their years. In the process of arguing on a subject, students learn to work together as well as to improve their skills of listening and speaking. The method of doing in-depth research increases their knowledge and sharpens their vocabulary as well as grammar, so you really can’t go wrong introducing a civil debate to the classroom, unless things get out of hand of course. Focusing on all these benefits of classroom debating and this list of debate topics, you ought to motivate students to participate fully.

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15 Good Debate Topics for Kids


The following is a list of great topics that we have ranked based on information from significant debate sites. One of these sources includes the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), which refers to worldwide organizations that value debate as a means of granting young people the freedom to speak. This site analyzes the information of the discussion, both as the side score on the proposition side (“Yes”) and the respective side score on the opposition side (“No”). The final debate score is the sum of scores from both sides. The total number of arguments from each debate is determined from the rate of participation of the debaters. Finally, the total number of votes about the argument ratio is used to rank the discussion. The higher the number regarding the argument ratio, the tougher the topic of the debate and vice versa. This is the criteria we have used to rank the list below, that is; from the toughest subject (at the top of our list as number one) to the less intense topics. Other sources include Debate.org, Pro/Con.org, and Create Debate.

Get your notes and team ready for  our list of 10 science and environmental debate topics for middle school.

10. Should the government invest in green energy?

The campaign on the government’s investment in green energy technology is most appropriate for this topic. As a benefit with this, job creation will be enhanced, and dependence on oil from foreign countries is also reduced through this initiative. Under the topic “10 Science and Environmental Debate Topics for Middle School,” this topic has been ranked ranked at the topic because it’s pretty straightforward as far as arguments go. Critics claim that energy investment should be left to the private sector. For instance, green energy proponents state that: if the U.S. does not establish such industries, other countries such as Brazil and China will overtake the American energy market.

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