6 Summer Film Programs and Camps for High School and College Students

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You have a chance of becoming a great filmmaker in a short span of time with the places on this list of 6 summer film programs and camps for high school and college students.

The film industry has come a long way from the times when motion picture cameras were invented. As we can see with the movies before didn’t last more than an hour compared to the movies we have now which could last around two to three hours. The filmmakers had minimal resources and this is why motion pictures before did not have sound. Thomas Edison was the one credited for creating a motion picture camera. But even before Edison, Eadweard Muybridge had already pictured this idea, during his project of taking pictures of a horse in a very fast manner.

Summer Film Programs and Camps for High School and College Students


Did you know that the first kinetoscope parlor was in New York? It was located at 1155 Broadway in New York City which opened on April 14, 1894. They refer to it as kinetoscope parlor instead of a movie theater because a kinetoscope was used to watch silent movies there. There are also other people who contributed to the development of filmmaking or movies, not just Thomas Edison. We have Thomas Armat and Francis Jenkins whom Edison bought the rights of the phantascope designed by the two, as well as The Lumiere brothers who also contributed to the evolution of movie making.

We are at a time when the use of digital gadgets is rising rapidly. Non-professional photographers or video makers can easily capture moments using their cellphones or digital cameras. However, there are still those who prefer to use film cameras over digital ones. They also find it satisfying to capture with the use of film cameras rather than a cell phone or a digital camera. Although digital cameras or cell phones are convenient for they don’t run out of films and you don’t have to load and reload just to capture a photo, the reason will depend on the individual as to what they prefer to use even though film cameras are much work than the digital ones. Each type of camera has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages and we think film cameras give that classic feeling, like taking photos just like the good old times. If you want to be a pro in the field of film and you’re looking for summer film programs for adults, we suggest you take a look at these Top 8 Film Schools in New York City. But if you are young and on a budget, we have summer film programs and camps for high school and college students that will take you closer to being a pro. These are among some of the best summer art programs for high school students in the city.

Summer programs and camps are great to improve your skills in a short span of time, and at an affordable price compared to full courses. This contributes additional knowledge to the participants that they can use in continuing their passion may it be painting, dancing, theater, and much more. It is also a great way to spend summer especially for high school and college students. They can opt to go to summer classes or have a part-time job or they can do both. Not a day would be wasted as experienced instructors or maybe even well-known directors or actors will be with you throughout the program.

A little digging at Class Curious‘ database and with some help from Google, we came up with these results on our list. Digital or not, they have quality summer film programs for teens and young adults. These institutions are well known in the film industry and some of them are where great actors earned their degree. Our list is is ranked in no particular order as some programs are better suited for others. Some might even offer summer film internships for high school students who really excel.

Lights, camera, action — here’s our list of 6 summer film programs or camps for high school and college students.

6. The International Film Institute of New York

Storytelling is the main focus of The International Film Institute of New York.  As they say, it is the backbone of their program. You will be able to work with actors, attend screenwriting class, directing class, camera tech class, lighting workshop, editing class, and even a producing workshop through the five weeks of this summer program. Each class also has different instructors. The International Film Institute of New York is in partnership with the Sarah Lawrence College where this summer program will be held. A housing and meal plan is also prepared but this is not included in the tuition. You can register for the program and decide later for the housing and meal plan.

Summer Film Programs and Camps for High School and College Students

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