8 Classes for Plant Lovers in NYC

Maybe you have a green thumb, maybe not, but checking out these 8 classes for plant lovers in NYC will help you grow your gardening skills in the concrete jungle.

Science has three major branches, which are the physical sciences, the earth sciences, and the life sciences or biology. Each of these branches has their scope. For physical sciences, this includes physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Geology, oceanography, paleontology, and meteorology fall under the earth sciences. For the life sciences, we have botany, zoology, genetics, and medicine. While our list is about classes in NYC which are related to plants, this falls under botany, but botany is too broad for it is a thorough study of plants. Nowadays, we are facing a rapid change in temperature, which is the effect of global warming and it is experienced around the world. Even Antarctica’s ice is melting rapidly. According to NASA, the cause of global warming is that the heat of the sun is trapped in the atmosphere due to the gasses that are present in our atmosphere. Pollution can be reduced by using renewable energy which can be achieved by working together with the government and the community.

8 Classes for Plant Lovers in NYC

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Plants are also making efforts in helping reduce global warming. These living things convert carbon dioxide through photosynthesis into oxygen. We, humans, live because of oxygen and plants help to produce it, however, we, in turn, cut down forests. Some are being protected so as not to cause too much damage anymore, but we have a long way to go. Some communities are taking their own steps to plant more trees with hopes to be able to save Mother Earth. As individuals, we can also help, and even planting around your home just as a hobby is a great help. There are classes offered on how to start and grow your own garden. We can learn how to take care of our chosen plant and be able to make it grow and thrive. If you have space and you want to decorate your home with something that will also save Mother Earth, we recommend you to take a look at our list of 11 easiest edible plants to grow indoors as well. This could also get us a fresh harvest and lessen our expenses on buying in the supermarket. Different types of plants also aid in repelling some insects like mosquitoes, but we have to be cautious especially if we have kids for there are plants which are poisonous to humans.

On our list are various types of plant-related classes in NYC. There are places in New York that are abundant with plants waiting to be explored. Some establishments here are offering indoor and outdoor plants perfect for your home. Our plant-related classes in NYC have their distinct themes like farming and gardening. If you want to take a terrarium class in NYC or a succulent class in NYC, you can take it. These classes will also be great resources for where to buy plants in NYC. We used the database at Class Curious and a Google Search in looking for these items and put it all together completing our list. Plants are also a way of showing our creativity as we can use these to beautify our home. We have not ranked our list in any particular order, but each entry has proven to be a great resource for learning more about plants according to our research. You can put up a vertical garden if you don’t have too much space and for those with wider yards, you can put up your own farm and enjoy a fresh harvest when it is ready. Patience is needed to grow plants for they need time, air, and sunlight for them to grow healthy. This is a way to help earth recover from the damages that occurred, and there will always be hope to repair it if we help hand in hand to make solutions to make it a better place especially for the next generations to come.

Grab those gardening gloves and get ready for our list of classes for plant lovers in NYC.