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Author Archive - Soma Dutta

Best Tasting E-Juice E-Liquid Flavors For Beginners

15 Best Tasting E-Juice E-Liquid Flavors For Beginners

Thinking of ditching your cigs and switching over to vaping? Start out with these 15 best tasting e-juice e-liquid flavors for beginners. If you are just......(read more)

13 Easiest Iron Maiden Songs to Play on Guitar

Want to learn the easiest Iron Maiden songs to play on guitar? One of the greatest heavy metal bands in history, Iron Maiden has inspired many of us to......(read more)
Most Remote Inhabited Islands in the World

11 Biggest Islands on Earth

Let’s talk about the biggest islands on Earth! While everybody wants to head to one of the countries with most islands in the world for their dream......(read more)
Safest Places to Visit in Mexico That Are Beautiful and Cheap

15 Best Places to Travel in December in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations

All set for the holiday season and looking for the best places to travel in December in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations? You are at the right place......(read more)
easiest and cheapest kit cars to build

10 Highest Paying Countries for Mechanical Engineers

Want to work in one of the highest paying countries for mechanical engineers? Every year millions of engineering graduates are ready to start their professional......(read more)
15 Best Places To Travel in November in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations

15 Best Places to Travel in November in Europe, Asia and Tropical Destinations

Got your bags packed and ready to take a vacation? Head to one of the best places to travel in November in Europe, Asia and tropical destinations to make......(read more)
Most Advanced Countries in Medicine

20 Biggest Influencers in Healthcare

It’s time for healthcare to go digital and the biggest influencers in healthcare industry are fast changing the ways we look at health! Social media......(read more)
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7 Locations Where They Film Flea Market Flip

Have you been wondering where the interesting yard sales and locations where they film Flea Market Flip are? Do the amazing featured markets make you......(read more)
Best Bumble Bios For Girls

10 Easiest Hindi Karaoke Songs to Sing for Beginners

Want to learn the easiest Hindi karaoke songs to sing for beginners? For all Bollywood lovers and Hindi music lovers in general, karaoke isn’t complete......(read more)

10 Most Handsome Indian Men in The World

If tall, dark and handsome is your taste in men – the most handsome Indian men in the world are bound to make your heart race! Indian men are considered......(read more)
best group songs for talent shows

10 Most Popular Karaoke Songs of 2016

Let’s sing along to the most popular karaoke songs of 2016! Karaoke nights can be intimidating. There’s a bunch of people we don’t know so well,......(read more)

12 Best Karaoke Songs For Altos

Looking for the best karaoke songs for altos? Everybody loves karaoke night and singing. There’s music and dancing and quality time with friends. Karaoke......(read more)
Most Sexually Active Colleges in India

15 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

Which are the best online shopping sites in India, where you can buy the best products and grab the best deals at the same time? Ever since Flipkart hit......(read more)

7 Easiest instruments To Play While Singing

Are you a vocalist looking for the easiest instruments to play while singing? In the day and age of Youtube covers,  singer-songwriters are forever on......(read more)
Most Popular Karaoke Songs of All Time

10 Good Karaoke Duets For Couples

If a karaoke night is around the corner, we bet you won’t be able to resist trying out some of these 10 good karaoke duets for couples with your......(read more)
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10 Most Consumed Meats in the World

We all have our favorites when it comes to meat, but the most consumed meats in the world are obviously the worldwide favorites. All the talks might be......(read more)
Least Polluted Countries in the World in 2018

10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in France

Living in France is the dream! But when you are in the most expensive cities to live in France, the dream can prove to be a tad difficult on the pockets......(read more)
film, strip, gold, black, filmstrip, shooting, 3d, broadcasting, computer graphic, nobody, movie, media, render, isolated on black, video, film reel, sprocket, film industry,

11 Most Affordable Film Schools in The US

Which are the most affordable film schools in the US? Film studies are one of the most coveted majors in the world today. Over the time film studies have......(read more)

12 Huge Plot Holes in Interstellar

It might be one of the most exciting science fiction movies we are talking about, but these huge plot holes in Interstellar definitely raise a lot of......(read more)
Most Sexually Active Cities in America

10 Most Expensive Cities To Live in Colorado

Colorado might be the ideal place for the outdoorsy kind, but to consider moving to the one of the most expensive cities to live in Colorado has a great......(read more)
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25 Most Common Fortune Cookie Sayings

If you’re a regular at Chinese restaurants, chances are you’ve already gotten some of these most common fortune cookie sayings at least on one of......(read more)
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11 Best Places to Visit In USA for Foodies

 If you happen to be in America, we have the ultimate list of the best places to visit in USA for foodies that you absolutely cannot miss! It’s true......(read more)
telescope, stars, space, moon, night, sky, design, backgrounds, way, earth, hill, many, lots, milky, rocks, atmosphere, bright, discover, grass, astronomy, graphic, discovery,

10 Easiest Deep Sky Objects To See With Small Telescopes

Are you just taking your first step into astronomy and wondering about the easiest deep sky objects to see with small telescopes? Astronomy is a world......(read more)
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6 Easiest Dairy Products To Digest

Dairy might be delicious but quite difficult to digest for some and that is why some of us might choose only the easiest dairy products to digest for......(read more)
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7 Easiest and Fun Drinking Games for Groups

Want to try out the 7 easiest drinking games for groups? Maybe you have a party coming up and would like to indulge in some fun drinking time with your......(read more)
dating, internet, laptop, date, fun, love, net, sex, key, day, cyberspace, symbol, match, e-mail, technology, computer, partner, relationship, meet, cupid, surfing, pc, find,

10 Dating Sites With The Highest Success Rates

Looking for the best dating sites with the highest success rates? Statistics shows that people are opting to go online to look for love now more than......(read more)

11 Jobs Men Will Never Be Able to Do Better than Women

Let the debate begin- which are the jobs men will never be able to do better than women? Ok, let us first assure you this isn’t the type of article......(read more)
actor, actress, allison melnick, arrivals, entertainment, los angeles, movie, premiere,

10 Most Famous Hollywood Socialites

Among all the socialites making the news, which are the most famous Hollywood socialites who are creating the stir around the world? In case you are still......(read more)
arrivals, actress, actor, red carpet, ryan gosling, event, entertainment

10 Easiest Celebrities To Work With

Have you ever wondered who some of the easiest celebrities to work with are? Perhaps if you ever decide to join showbiz, these are the celebrities you......(read more)
learning, talking, student, teacher, support, classroom,

11 Common English Mistakes Made By Japanese Speakers

For Japanese English learners, these common English mistakes made by Japanese speakers are hard to avoid. Let’s admit it; English can be a tricky language......(read more)
Most Popular Country Songs of All Time

11 Most Popular Songs About Texas

Get a taste of country music with the most popular songs about Texas! When we did a simple search of the songs about Texas, we got what we were expecting......(read more)
Most Popular Love Songs of All Time

11 Most Romantic Things To Say To Her

Feel the love in the air with the most romantic things to say to her! They say love cannot be expressed in words but sometimes it is just essential to......(read more)
dancing, music, party, gun, nightclub,

11 Best Party Songs of All Time

We are bringing the party to the house with the best party songs of all time!  What’s a party without music? And when you’re having a party, it is......(read more)

11 Countries with the Hottest Food in the World

Let’s turn up the heat with the countries with the hottest food in the world. Are you a fan of spicy food? Or maybe you are just looking for a challenge......(read more)
bath, beauty, body, bottle, care, clean, foam, gel, hair, head, health, hygiene, packaging, plastic, shampoo, shampooing, shower, soap, wash, white, woman, brand, comapny, name,

Top 10 Best Cosmetic Companies in the World

Which are the top 10 best cosmetic companies in the world? Even though there is a handful of companies at play in the cosmetic industry, the competition......(read more)
meal, steak, grill, grilled, grilling, strip, new, york, beef, flame, cooking, fire, bbq, summer, braai, sirloin, food, cookout, meat, closeup, barbecue, nobody, barbecuing, barbequing, orange, outside, tenderloin, close-up, dark, gas, focus, selective, cook, appetizing, smoke, grid, protein, heat, charcoal, hot, barbeque

6 Easiest Cut of Steak To Grill

Meat lovers, we bring you the 6 easiest cut of steak to grill! Grilling is one of the best methods to turn your steak into the juicy piece of heaven you......(read more)
mccartney, paul, square, many, new, york, one, performing, songs, madison, garden, his, great, legendary, music, concert

11 Best Singers of All Time

Do you know who the best singers of all time are? They are the ones who have redefined vocal ranges with their brilliant voices and vocal abilities. They......(read more)

11 Most Popular Songs About California

California seems to be a popular choice as a song inspiration, but which are the most popular songs about California? We searched for every California......(read more)
Dining room

11 Most Sold Cocktail Drinks Around the World

We are rounding it up to the happy hours with a list of the most sold cocktail drinks around the world! If cocktails are your choice of poison or even......(read more)

11 Best Workout Songs of All Time

Get ready to be pumped up and motivated with a playlist of the best workout songs of all time! This is the playlist which shall get you up and running......(read more)

11 Countries with the Hottest Guys in the World

Which are the countries with the hottest guys in the world, making women swoon everywhere? These are the men who make us want to book a one-way ticket......(read more)

10 Most Amazing Skydiving Spots on Earth

Feel the adrenaline rising as we present to you the most amazing skydiving spots on earth. You may get your rush from a variety of extreme sports, but......(read more)
12 Royalty Free Background Music Sites for YouTube Videos

10 Youtube Channels with Most Views Per Video

We’ve rounded up the 10 Youtube Channels with the most views per video for a clear view of who’s grabbing the most eyeballs on the internet. Youtube......(read more)

7 Easiest Debussy Preludes and Piano Pieces

Flex your piano fingers with these 7 easiest Debussy preludes and piano pieces. Claude Debussy is one of the greatest pianists of all time and one of......(read more)

7 Most Famous Bollywood Actors in America

America is one of the biggest markets that Bollywood hopes to breakthrough into in the coming years, but these 7 most famous Bollywood Actors in America......(read more)

11 Most Affordable Graphic Design Schools In The US

Looking for the most affordable graphic design schools in the US to join? With the ever rising importance of design in modern advertising and business......(read more)
Kelly Roland, Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles

16 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time

The Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time are the ones who have enchanted us for years. They have been singing and dancing their way into our hearts and......(read more)

Top 15 Most Popular American Youtube Channels

Let’s tune into the top 15 most popular American Youtube channels. Ever since its inception Youtube has been constantly rising in popularity all over......(read more)
fuse fangoria chainsaw awards, avenged sevenfold, red carpet, star, orpheum theater, event, celebrity, band, entertainment, los angeles, hollywood

7 Easiest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to Play on Guitar

Heavy metal doesn’t have to mean hard to perform. The  Easiest Avenged Sevenfold Songs to play on guitar are chalk full of easy transitions. This......(read more)

12 Best Selling DVDs of All Time

What are the best selling DVDs of all time? Even as we progress into 2015 and with alternative home entertainment platforms springing up by the day, DVDs......(read more)