11 Best Workout Songs of All Time

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Get ready to be pumped up and motivated with a playlist of the best workout songs of all time!

Weight gain in 2020, has been a side-effect of the pandemic and extended lockdowns all around the world. Covid 19 has sparked an entire alternative lifestyle for all of us working from home, without much of a routine. Some are calling it the Quarantine-15, a phenomenon of gaining 15 pounds directly tracing back to the sedentary quarantine life and stress-eating due to the anxiety caused by pandemic. In a poll by WebMD, it was found that 47% of women said think they have gained weight due to COVID restrictions and stay-at-home guidelines, while 22% of men believe they gained weight.

This has been coupled with changes in eating habits, consumption of junk and comfort food during stay-at-home, and party also due to the trending food and viral videos on internet that led people to binge eat while in lockdown. We saw a series of viral recipes like the Dalgona Coffee, which let’s admit, all of us did try out at some point in the quarantine. It is also hard to find a workout routine in these times and stay committed to it, as most of us struggle to keep a work life balance. Stress and anxiety also have been on the rise, adding to everything else.

So if you have been struggling to stay motivated to workout during the pandemic, experts believe working out to a song could be of help. Studies have proven that listening to music while exercising can lift your spirit, help you to keep motivated and energized and thus also make working out easier.  However, it is just as important to pick the right playlist for your routine. Choosing upbeat songs could be a starting point. Lyrics are also important and choosing a song with motivating lyrics, can psychologically help you to conquer your routine better. As you get used to pick and choose the right songs based on these parameters you can alter your playlist according to your workout style. It has also been observed that songs of certain BPM or beats per minute are better suited for certain types of workout. For examples, for running we are taking 150-160 strides per minute and hence a BPM over 100 works better.

All this can be quite confusing for first timers but we’ve got your back! With this list we did all the hard work so you can focus all your energy on those squats and those pushes. And, what we came up with is the ultimate songs that help you channel your inner exercise freak! We compared similar lists by Shape.com, Udiscovermusic.com and Self.com and came up with a consolidated list of 11 songs which all of these sites have suggested. We have then ranked the tracked according to their BPM, as a higher beats per minute is helpful in pumping you up faster and better. Some artists are better known for songs that are best suited for workout. For example, DMX has been suggested by most Reddit users as the perfect artist, and all of his songs are perfect fit for workout. So, we have picked the songs with the greater BPM from these artists for the sake of this list.

Working out without music can get you to slack and therefore, choosing the perfect tracks to compliment your raw energy is the most important thing. We know that sometimes working out can be draining and physically and mentally, and you’ll need to be reminded quite a few times why you started in the first place.



These songs will keep you motivated, get your confidence soaring and remind you that you could conquer the world. All while keeping that perfect tempo to your cardio! If you still need some more inspiration and cool songs to listen to while you take a break after a great session, take a listen to the 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time.

So, let’s agree on the fact that music is the essential thing to a great workout session and get down straight to business with our list of the best workout songs of all time! This is the playlist which shall get you up and running- punching and pumping- in no time.

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