5 Best Workout Songs of All Time

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Below you can find the list of 5 Best Workout Songs of All Time . For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list, please see the 11 Best Workout Songs of All Time

5. Lose Yourself –  Eminem 

BPM- 172

If you are feeling like you need some more extra push, get some Eminem to assist you. This song will make a winner out of you and it might even qualify as the inspirational song of the century! After all, Eminem always owns it.

4. Foo Fighter – Pretender

BPM – 175

While we are keeping your spirits and grit high, we might as well throw in some Foo Fighters. Any song by the band will basically make you fight it out at your routine, but Pretender is just the perfect song that will make you get into the fight mode right away!

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