15 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

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Which are the best online shopping sites in India, where you can buy the best products and grab the best deals at the same time? Ever since Flipkart hit the spotlight with its innovative online business format, there has been no looking back for online shopping websites in the country. The base of online shoppers is ever increasing, with customers being on the lookout for the best quality shopping websites for most of their shopping needs.

The E-commerce market in India is expected to be as big as US$ 200 billion by 2027. According to the Global Ecommerce Market Ranking 2019, India is the second largest market for online shopping with over 360.1 million online shoppers, and also one of the Top 5 in number of cross-border online shoppers. However, even with a significant amount of people shifting to online shopping, it captures only 5% of the total retail industry in India. This means there is still a huge potential in the market to grow exponentially. Currently US is the No.1 E-commerce market in the World considering all aspects, including Logistics, Average revenue per shopper, Total market revenue, Percentage of population shopping online among other criteria. Check out the Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in the US, to see who the biggest players are in the U.S market.

15 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

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The online shopping market in India has also gone through a notable makeover since 2018, and we have seen significant market consolidation, as well as several giants in the industry being washed out completely. With Flipkart’s acquisition of Myntra, the popular fashion and lifestyle shopping website in 2014, marked the beginning of a chain of mergers and acquisitions in the industry. The e-commerce giant went on to acquire Jabong in 2017, which solidified its position in the fashion and clothing category. 2018, marked some major transformation as well, with Flipkart shutting down operations for Ebay.in and the momentous acquisition of Flipkart by Wal-Mart in a $16 billion deal, defeating potential acquirer, Amazon. The Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) deal basically stopped Amazon from going on to create a virtual monopoly in the e-commerce market. Flipkart and Amazon are currently the two biggest players in the Indian online shopping industry.

With every new online shopping website springing up by the day, it just keeps getting tougher for consumers to stay updated about each one of them. Even though some sites have specific markets and consumer segments they cater to, consumers are looking out for the best products in every segment and the best consumer service in the industry. The emergence of niche sites has also been observed in the recent past, with websites like Nykaa.com garnering a significant following and consumer base in a specific demographic, consisting majorly of women looking out to purchase quality make up and skincare products online.

Online shopping has led companies to explore into integration of services and provision of ancillary services. While Flipkart now has its own payment gateway, Payzippy, PayTM that started out as a payment services company eventually ventured into opening its own online shopping domain with Paytmmall.com.

Recently, Covid-19 has been instrumental in changes in online consumer behavior and also caused a spike in online shopping volumes. As more and more people are now inclined to purchase groceries online, players in the groceries’ category have observed surge in traffic and sales. The segment of retail consumers that were earlier not shopping online regularly and the ones that were restricted to shop online due to internet constraints, might also bend towards online shopping amid the pandemic given the limiting conditions in physical retailing at the moment.

Even with major streamlining in the industry in the last couple of years, online shopping comes with its own set of unique challenges. Quality products, good response rate and customer support, shipping and return policies, and doing business by way of ethical standards all play an important role in making a shopping website better than its competitors. Online traffic is also a major indicator of where most customers are heading. However, other aspects contributing to greater customer satisfaction also need to be considered in deciding which is the best online shopping website.

For the purpose of this article, we have zeroed in on the key player in the online Indian shopping market as per insightful reports by Indian Brand Equity Foundation and S&P Global , and ranked them by their Average 6-month traffic.

Here’s the list of the best online shopping sites in India, where you can shop carefree and get the best products online.

15. Grofers

Average Monthly Traffic – 1.60 million

One of the major online grocery shopping websites and apps, Grofers, is a popular choice in urban India for grocery deliveries to the doorstep. The site recently saw a spike in consumers in view of the pandemic.

15 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

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