10 Youtube Channels with Most Views Per Video

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We’ve rounded up the 10 YouTube Channels with the most views per video for a clear view of who’s grabbing the most eyeballs on the internet. YouTube today is one of the greatest marketing tools for businesses and personalities. And while some channels have created a niche for themselves on the video sharing site and made a fortune, some are using it extensively to reach and engage their target audience.

Your Design / Shutterstock.com

Your Design / Shutterstock.com

YouTube might have started out as a video sharing platform, but has gone through several facelifts in the last few years. Post acquisition by Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), YouTube has seen its fair share of diversifications. Apart from travel, marketing, live streaming, it has also launched several of its own subscription based services like YouTube Premium, venturing into original content creation like explainer videos and streaming in the form of YouTube Originals and YouTube music, a paid service to stream music. The website now is a direct competitor of established services like Netflix and Spotify.

In recent news, plans might also be in work to integrate shopping tools into YouTube content, to turn it into a shopping destination. Video content could be directly linked to products on sale, right on the website’s in-built platform in near future. Considering the huge collection of content the site already has, this could actually be a game-changing development for the website. This could also be a medium of YouTube’s next move from a advertising platform into e-commerce, pitching it against giants such as Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN).

YouTube parameters have become extremely important today to determine the current social media influencers. Not to mention, it is also where a major chunk of the revenue is focused at. But, considering only subscriber numbers and total number of video views often lead to skewed perspectives. That’s where views per video come into play. Clearly, when we are considering a channel with a massive amount of views the number of uploads on it needs to be paid a little attention to correctly assess where the traffic is ahead. Goes without saying that some of the channels with the most views but a larger number of video uploads scores on lower on the popularity scale than channels that have an equally high number of views but lesser uploads. Evidently, the latter is much more efficient in attracting traffic while the former has just been working hard to keep its viewers engaged.  That also brings us to the 15 Most Popular American Youtube Channels, a list we had prepared by considering different popularity determining parameters.

For the current list at hand, we have depended upon statistics from the SocialBlade taking into account the total number of views of top channels and the total uploads on the same, and have arrived at the YouTube Channels with the most number of views per video. Take a look at the list!

10. netd müzik  

Views Per Video: 19,591,115,645

The Turkish music channel has over 18.7 million subscribers. It recently became the highest subscribed channel in Turkey.

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