11 Most Sold Cocktail Drinks Around the World

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We are rounding it up to the happy hours with a list of the most sold cocktail drinks around the world! If cocktails are your choice of poison or even if they are not, we bet you have wondered at some point, behind all those fancy names which are the ones actually worth trying. Well, this list is a great point to start at!

Cocktails are rising in demand as more people are opting lighter drinks due to various reasons in the recent past. Trend shows increasing number of people are now keener to try new drinks and cocktails are on top of that list. The gain in popularity is also because it is no longer a necessity to hop down to the bar in person to enjoy good cocktails. The rise in Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and premixes are making it convenient for people to enjoy their cocktails in home parties or just on a relaxing day in. This has also proved to be a crucial turning point for cocktails sales amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Nielsen notes that while overall alcohol sales has taken a dip due to the months of lockdown. According to its report, the U.S. alcohol market is required to keep a steady growth of 22% sold off premise cover up sales impacts due to closed bars and restaurants. However, the new normal has also been instrumental in creating some trends in the alcohol industry and cocktails are riding high on these trends. Online sales have increased exponentially at a rate of 339%, and a major part of the online buyers lean towards ordering premade cocktails or cocktail kits. RTD cocktails have played a key role in sustaining growth in the alcohol industry. Nielsen, has also found out in a survey that over 58% of consumers are likely to order a classic favorite cocktail drink with their take-out foods.

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The gaining popularity of premixed drinks in the recent past has led many of the 10 Largest Alcohol Companies in the World to launch their own pre-made cocktails. Jack Daniels and Absolut both major players in ABV categories, have launched their brands of canned cocktails. However, smaller distilleries and independent craft brewers are also fast becoming major drivers in the category.

The bent towards cocktails are also due to consumers indulging in more informed drinking recently. More people are leaning toward Low-ABV beverages in order to choose healthier options. Even in the cocktails’ category the trends indicate towards choosing lighter drinks or lower calories alternatives and are more open to explore options than ever before. Bacardi  in its 2020 Cocktail Trends Report has summarized these recent trends that are currently shaping the cocktails sub-category. However, it is also notable that cocktail drinkers still have an affinity towards sophisticated tastes which is prompting bartenders to experiment with offering more healthier options to classic favorites like the Martini.  Other classic drinks like Mai Tais and Bloody Mary are also picking up in the packaged format.

RTDs has spiked interest in cocktails in the recent past and have also been the fast growing alcohol category for three consecutive years. The approachability and low-complexity of canned ready to drink cocktails have been immensely popular and have helped non-cocktail drinker also to experiment with mixed drinks. With Covid-19 premixed drinks have been popular choice for safe socializing as they come with the convenience of no-touch, as opposed to getting your drinks served up. However, in the stay-at-home alcohol consumption era, alcohol consumers are also trying their hands at making their own cocktails at home. Increasing number of people are giving the bars a miss and trying their hands at recreating their own classic favorite cocktail drinks and looking up recipes.

Classic favorites are here to stay, and that is reiterated by our list of most sold cocktail drinks around the world, based on the Drinks International yearly round up for the best-selling cocktails. In 2020 too, classics seems to be the most popular choice. So, here’s serving you up the list of the cocktails that the world is going crazy about – shaken not stirred!

11. Moscow Mule

Served up in a copper cup, Moscow Mule is a simple concoction of vodka, lime ginger and soda – a combination that certainly can’t go wrong! No wonder its a popular choice across bars.

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