5 Best Fictional Companies in the World

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Below you can find the list of 5 best fictional companies in the world. For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list, please see the 15 best fictional companies in the world.

5. Nakatomi Trading Corp. 

Revenue based on – Sumitomo Corp

2019 Revenue – $51,220.30 million

From the 80s  cult favorite action film franchise – Die Hard, Nakatomi Trading Corp. is a super high value finance company. The film itself was based on the Roderick Thorp novel Nothing Lasts Forever, with main character John McClane, played by Bruce Willis. The film’s events revolve around a terrorist attack that incidentally takes place at a Christmas party at Nakatomi Trading Corp.’s skyscraper in Nakatomi Plaza. The fictional CEO of the company was Joe Takegi.

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