11 Countries That Consume the Most Soft Drinks in the World

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Let’s discover the countries that consume the most soft drinks in the world today! There has been a lot of talks about the harmful effects of soft drinks lately but let’s face it, not the best of us can resist the inviting refreshments from time to time. And, with the summer temperatures soaring, it just gets harder than ever.

Soft drinks generally refer to beverages that contain carbonated water, sweeteners, and some flavoring, and include soda, fizzy drinks, canned juices, sports drinks and energy drinks. So why do the health freaks love to hate on the carbonated sweet waters? Well, the reasons are unending. Sodas and soft drinks have been a major cause of obesity in today’s generation due to its high sugar content. And, that precisely is evident in the health statistics of the countries that consume the most soft drinks in the world. With most of these countries’ data looking somber and indicating at major obesity tendencies, a link between their soda consumption habits and health issues can be rightly established. Some of our top contenders, for instance are US and Mexico, both of whom have an alarmingly rising obesity rate of over 30%.

But, besides obesity the health conscious have also raised a few flags at too much soft drinks consumption because of other health hazards such as diabetes, dental decay and loss of bone density leading to weakened bones and osteoporosis. The carbon dioxide intake is known to kill healthy cells.


Even then, the most appealing factor about soft drinks is probably the carbon dioxide content which adds the freshness or the fizz to it. Most of the drinks also contain caffeine which might be appealing to the coffee lovers and caffeine junkies. Here’s a list of the 11 Countries that Consume the Most Coffee, which can give you a rundown of the coffee-loving countries of the world.

Once in a while though, soft drinks can add a little fizz to our lives on a hot sultry day and when consumed carefully and within limits the effects of it can also be minimized. So let’s take a little time and appreciate the lifestyle choices of these countries that consume the most soft drinks in the world because we do relate to their love for the drinks to some extent. And after all, you live only once!

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