11 Places to Visit in Greece Before You Die

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Today we’ve explored Greece and created a new list for you: 11 places to visit in Greece before you die. We love to travel and explore, discover some new places, see and learn something new. We love to help you discover great and beautiful places around the world and hope that every visit to these places will inspire you, and make you happy. Our recent article, Top 10 Places You Must See in Europe Before You Die is a great guide for everybody who wants to visit Europe.

Greece sea sunset

This time we are revealing Greece for you, and giving you 11 places to visit in Greece before you die. Greece is a country in Europe located in the south of Balkan Peninsula, with mainland and 4000 islands (around 200 inhabited) in the Ionian and Aegean Sea. Ancient cradle of the Western world, Greece is a country with huge history. Famous philosophers, mathematicians, poets, great army leaders and many other important persons in modern history were Greeks. Architectural and natural heritage sites protected by UNESCO improve the country’s already huge tourist potential. This is a country where the modern idea of democracy was born.

Warm climate, beautiful sea and natural beauty allure millions of tourists every year; beautiful beaches, coves & caves, animal species, and huge number of attractions are more than enough reasons for you to visit Greece this year. And here are our recommendations for the best places to visit in Greece before you die.

11. Mount Athos, Khalkidhiki

The easternmost part of Khalkidhiki region, the mountain Athos is a magical place. Among many impressive natural surroundings, visitors are inspired by exploring twenty Orthodox monasteries scattered around the hills of Athos. There are some fantastic sights to be captured here.

Monastery at Mt. Athos Greece

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