11 Countries With the Lowest Cancer Rates in the World

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Cancer – a problem which the people of the 11 countries with the lowest cancer rates in the world should not worry about too much. Not quite as much as their counterparts, the 11 countries with the highest cancer rates in the world. Just like in that article, here we have a laid-out list of eleven countries which, this time, are estimated to have the lowest cancer incidence per a hundred thousand people of a specifically picked age group.

However, due to the purely statistical nature of this list, you should not view it as a reflection of how healthy the life in these countries is or how good a cancer treatment can be received there. It should be plain to see, due to the fact that some of these countries have some of the worst life expectancy rates in the world, many people see their final days at an age in which cancer is a lot less likely to occur. On the opposite side of things, the countries where people live to be older and also lead a more unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles, can be found in the linked list with the highest cancer development rates in the world.

In worldwide culture, cancer is still the subject of certain social taboos. While lots of other illnesses offer a far worse prognosis than many types of cancer today, it is chosen by society in developed countries as a sort of contemporary plague that is on the rise. However, many cancer types, in their early stages, offer quite a bright prognosis and not as heavy of a treatment with the medical advances we have nowadays. Take for example heart disease, which has a far less chance to be successfully treated and ultimately leads to death in most cases. It is not as widely discussed and campaigned against as cancer.

Even so, people throughout the ages have chosen some quite nonsensical courses of treatment for a strictly physical disease. While in the past people were superstitious and uneducated, today’s “alternative treatment” hype is nearing a grotesque magnitude. However, let’s take a look at some countries where all this is a very distant topic.

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