11 Countries with the Highest Rape Crime Rates in the World

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You would be surprised to know the countries with the highest rape crime rates in the world. Statistics of the unlawful sexual intercourse cases are growing every day. Those crimes also happen in sophisticated and highly developed countries around the world.

Rape has a lot of meanings, it varies in every nation. It can be defined as a sexual assault against a person without her/his consent and permission. It may be involving incursion, vaginal, oral and anal sex. A spouse can be finding guilty of marital rape if the person responsible use force to have sex lacking consent.

Most victims of rape or sexual assault know their attacker/s. The person behind such attack could be their friend, neighbor, professor or classmate. There are factors that increase rape crime rates. Involvements of drugs or alcohol are some causes of rape. Women who have several sexual significant others might attract rascals too who plan on harming them. Off-campus parties, sorority/fraternity and going out on night weekends attracts perpetrators as well.

Would you believe there are different types of rape? Aside from the marital rape mentioned above, here are some categories of diverse type of rape. Statutory rape is taking advantage of minors from sexual exploitation with or without force. Even if the “young person” makes the first move to have sexual activity it would still count as rape. Gang rape takes place when a group of people (two or more) contributed in the sexual attack of a person. Rape of children is sexual abuse of a child committed by a member of family or non-member of families. Date rape, prison rape, war rape, ceremonial rape and payback rape are also some types of sexual assault against a person to name a few.

There is a variety of self-defense that you can use when you encountered rape or sexual assault. Verbal warnings, peppermint spray, and the bag or object that you carry with you. You can use them to guard yourself against the attacker.

Always be cautious when using gadgets especially if you are alone like when you are walking or jogging around dark places. You might also want to read our article about the 10 most dangerous places around the world to learn more about your surroundings.

The list below specifies the figure of documented rape case of the highest rape crime rates in the world per 100,000 citizens. These incidents could be in some degree of against man-woman; woman-woman and man-man rape cases. The number of cases does not include unreported or unaccounted incidents to the police.

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