8 Places to Visit in Canada Before You Die

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There are so many places to visit in Canada before you die, you will surely have a difficult time putting together a list for yourself. This vast country would take a lifetime to explore and really enjoy. Canada offers its visitors so much, it won’t be easy just hopping over for a week trip. You will surely find yourself back here again and again once you fall in love with the scenery and the good-hearted people that call this gorgeous country home.

This is surely a spot that is a top travel destination for US citizens, but with all the places to visit in Canada before you die, more and more people from around the world are flocking here. Do you fancy a day at the beach or a mountain getaway filled with powdery white snow to play in? Do you want to take a trip to another country without actually having to board a plane? You can find that here. Canada is incredibly culturally diverse and people from around the world call this place home. Little Italy and Chinatown are just the start. Montreal is the French capital of the country and boasts the most French-speaking people outside of France. The architecture will surely transport you to the streets of Europe in a heartbeat. Gorgeous mountains and ocean scenery, islands, and activities can all be enjoyed when you come to Canada. It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular destination for tourists around the world. Add in the welcoming vibes and extensive comforts that the country offers, and you have yourself a perfect holiday getaway.

Here’s a great list to start on your Canadian adventures. While there’re so many more places to add to this list, we are confident this will be a great start for your first time in the country, so vacation away!


8. Toronto

This is the most populated city the country, and one of the most diverse in the entire world. This is the city for the ultimate cultural fusion. You can experience everything from Chinatown, to taking a trip to Italy, and even experiencing the streets of India without stepping on a plane.


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