The 11 Most Drug Addicted Countries in the World

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We rank the addicted in this list of the 11 most drug addicted countries in the world. Drugs have been a major problem for countries for a very long time. There are numerous types of drugs, some legal, and some illegal. All of which can be found in almost every country. In exchange for a brief amount of pleasure, drugs can eventually put a person in a strong hold of addiction. The addiction to these drugs causes them to lose inhibitions and commit crimes in pursuit of the money needed to keep their addiction sated.

Drugs can have a very negative effect on the body. Some drugs can destroy the brain while others can destroy other parts of the body. Victims have had malfunctioning lungs, liver, kidney, etc. Any good thing in this world can become bad once we oversaturate ourselves. Drugs aren’t even considered good things in the first place! Drugs can even threaten to kill and age a strong body. Alcohol is also considered a drug because of its effects and the ability it has to bring drinkers to addiction. You’ll find that some of the countries listed here can also be found in the list of 11 Countries that Consume the Most Alcohol.

Countries have different types of drugs that run rampant. For this list we take into consideration a lot of things, drug-related crime, number of addicts, the types of drugs and whether they are legal or illegal. You’ll find that there is no true way to rank accurately this list of 11 most drug addicted countries in the world. Let’s move ahead to the first country:

11. Brazil

The country of Brazil is notoriously known for being the production center of a number of drugs. One of the most dangerous drugs that can be found here is Oxi or what other people refer to as “rust”. It is a mix of hallucinogenic and addictive materials that can cause a very dangerous level of addiction even just on the first try.


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